Omega Emergency Maintenance - Saturday, February 17, 202417 February 2024Lo-bot
*EFOL 2024 - Tug Left, Swipe Right, Reel In*09 February 2024Lo-bot
*EFOL 2024 - Hearts Racing*09 February 2024Lo-bot
*EFOL 2024 - Legendary Love Story*09 February 2024Lo-bot
*EFOL 2024 - Hate Actually*09 February 2024Lo-bot
*Ewok Festival of Love 2024!*09 February 2024Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions - February 2024*04 February 2024Lo-bot
EFOL Beast Bash: Love vs. Loathe!03 February 2024Lo-bot
January 2024 Galactic Homeshow Winner30 January 2024Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - The Sounds of the Cantina*16 January 2024Lo-bot
Join the Legends Staff10 January 2024Lo-bot
*January 2024 - Player Spotlight Nominations*09 January 2024Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: Making the Trade*04 January 2024Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: January 2024*03 January 2024Lo-bot
December 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner29 December 2023Lo-bot
*Community Update - The 2023 Holidays*21 December 2023Lo-bot
DOUBLE XP! (Dec 25th - Jan 1st)18 December 2023Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Transmission Issue #16: December 2023*13 December 2023Lo-bot
*Novice Player Event - December 2023*11 December 2023Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends: Staff Spotlight - Muhen*07 December 2023Lo-bot
*Life Day 2023 - Wampa Rampage!*06 December 2023Lo-bot
*The Life Day Paradox*06 December 2023Lo-bot
*Life Day 2023 - Meet Saun Dann*05 December 2023Lo-bot
*Life Day 2023 - Supply Chain Disruption*05 December 2023Lo-bot
*Life Day 2023 - Remembering Carrie Fisher*05 December 2023Lo-bot
*Life Day 2023 - Party Amongst the Trees!*05 December 2023Lo-bot
*Life Day 2023 - 12 Days of Life Day*05 December 2023Lo-bot
*Life Day 2023 - Galactic Seasons Greetings*05 December 2023Lo-bot
*Life Day 2023 (Celebration Thread)*05 December 2023Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: Life Day 2023*05 December 2023Lo-bot
November 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner01 December 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Want Not? Waste Not!*29 November 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Want Not? Waste Not!*29 November 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: Going Solo: Corellia POIs*17 November 2023Lo-bot
Join the Events & Social Media Team!08 November 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Reconsidering your Role!*03 November 2023Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: November 2023*02 November 2023Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: November 2023*01 November 2023Lo-bot
The Development Team is recruiting!29 October 2023Lo-bot
October 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner28 October 2023Lo-bot
*Galactic Moon Festival 2023*13 October 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: SWG: Legends Support*04 October 2023Lo-bot
*Watto's Trick or Trivia*04 October 2023Lo-bot
*The Swim of Demise!*04 October 2023Lo-bot
*Capture the Madness*03 October 2023Lo-bot
*The Pumpkin Conundrum!*03 October 2023Lo-bot
*Jabba's Menagerie of Mayhem 2023!*03 October 2023Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: October 2023*03 October 2023Lo-bot
*Galactic Moon Festival 2023*03 October 2023Lo-bot
*Spooky Skelebration!*02 October 2023Lo-bot
September 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner29 September 2023Lo-bot
The Fifteenth Senate Election Polls Open Soon!20 September 2023Lo-bot
*Novice Player Event - September 2023*19 September 2023Lo-bot
*Senate Guard Strike!*17 September 2023Lo-bot
*Cast Your Vote! - September 2023*17 September 2023Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends: Staff Spotlight - Beta*09 September 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Fit for a Queen*06 September 2023Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: September 2023*31 August 2023Lo-bot
The Housing Demolition Event: 2023!30 August 2023Lo-bot
August 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner26 August 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: Read All About It!*24 August 2023Lo-bot
*SWG Legends Player Spotlight: Craig*22 August 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Opening your Options*11 August 2023Lo-bot
*SWG Giveaway Results!*02 August 2023Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: August 2023*01 August 2023Lo-bot
July 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner29 July 2023Lo-bot
*Execute Order 66...Again!*11 July 2023Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: July 202305 July 2023Lo-bot
*Staff Spotlight - Vincer*03 July 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Perfecting Your Lightsaber*30 June 2023Lo-bot
June 2023 Galactic Space Homeshow Winner!30 June 2023Lo-bot
A Milestone To Remember: 20 Years of Star Wars Galaxies!26 June 2023Lo-bot
*Novice Player Event - June 2023*19 June 2023Lo-bot
Empire Day 2023: Execute Order Fishy Fish19 June 2023Lo-bot
Empire Day 2023: Factional Photo Contest17 June 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: One To Grow On*15 June 2023Lo-bot
Empire Day 2023 (Celebration Thread)14 June 2023Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Space Homeshow Submissions: June 202306 June 2023Lo-bot
*Remembering Seraphyne*31 May 2023Lo-bot
*Remembering Dreh Tarin*31 May 2023Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends: Staff Spotlight - Kelkel*29 May 2023Lo-bot
May 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner!25 May 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: Of Darkness and Light*25 May 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: A Poacher's Pack*12 May 2023Lo-bot
*Community Update: A Message From Discord*04 May 2023Lo-bot
May the 4th Be With You! (Happy Star Wars Day 2023)04 May 2023Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: May 2023*30 April 2023Lo-bot
April 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner!29 April 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: Live Events Guide*26 April 2023Lo-bot
Reminder:Code of Conduct23 April 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: Among the Clouds*13 April 2023Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: April 2023*03 April 2023Lo-bot
*No Foolin'*31 March 2023Lo-bot
*Novice Player Event - March 2023*19 March 2023Lo-bot
The Fourteenth Senate Election Polls Open Soon!16 March 2023Lo-bot
*Battle at the Bastion II (Community-run PVP Event)*14 March 2023Lo-bot
*The Festival of Loathe: Zero Hour!*08 March 2023Lo-bot
February 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner!04 March 2023Lo-bot
Ask Us Your Questions!04 March 2023Lo-bot
Omega March 3rd, 2023 Scheduled Restart Canceled02 March 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - This is Your Arena*01 March 2023Lo-bot
Celebrating SEVEN Years of SWG:Legends!01 March 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - The Days of the Aned-Kla*28 February 2023Lo-bot
*SWG Legends Player Spotlight: XxYESPAxX*21 February 2023Lo-bot
* SWG:Legends Statement on Crypto*16 February 2023Lo-bot
Omega Scheduled Server Downtime12 February 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - In the Steps of Skywalker!*10 February 2023Lo-bot
Omega Unexpected Server Downtime03 February 2023Lo-bot
*The Heart/Breaker Gala!*31 January 2023Lo-bot
*Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions - Feb 2023*30 January 2023Lo-bot
January 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner!28 January 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Flashpoints!*27 January 2023Lo-bot
*Hearts Racing*25 January 2023Lo-bot
*Ewok Festival of Love 2023!*25 January 2023Lo-bot
*SWG: Legends Staff Spotlight: Rees*24 January 2023Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Feedback!*15 January 2023Lo-bot
*On the Bubble*12 January 2023Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - On the Bubble*12 January 2023Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Transmission Issue #15: January 2023*07 January 2023Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: January 202305 January 2023Lo-bot
*Wampa Rampage - Life Day 2022*04 January 2023Lo-bot
The Toy Part Exchange02 January 2023Lo-bot
December 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!02 January 2023Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends: Staff Spotlight - MeanKty*17 December 2022Lo-bot
Life Day 2022: Holiday Shipping Delays10 December 2022Lo-bot
Life Day 2022: Batteries Not Included10 December 2022Lo-bot
Life Day 2022: Some Assembly Required10 December 2022Lo-bot
*The Lesson of Life Day*09 December 2022Lo-bot
*12 Days of Life Day*08 December 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: Life Day 202207 December 2022Lo-bot
*The Novice Player Event - Nov/Dec 2022*05 December 2022Lo-bot
Life Day 2022 (Celebration Thread)05 December 2022Lo-bot
*Community Update - The Holidays*05 December 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Pets Warren-ting Getting!*12 November 2022Lo-bot
October 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!05 November 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - This is the Way*25 October 2022Lo-bot
*Help With Some Dead Beasts*18 October 2022Lo-bot
*Fishing Festival of FEAR*15 October 2022Lo-bot
*The Pumpkin Predicament*14 October 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: Festive Fun!*14 October 2022Lo-bot
*GMF Holiday Spooktacular!*10 October 2022Lo-bot
*The 13 Ghosts of SWG Legends!*10 October 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: October 202209 October 2022Lo-bot
*Galactic Moon Festival 2022*09 October 2022Lo-bot
*The Swim of Demise*07 October 2022Lo-bot
Ask Us Your Questions! (October 2022)07 October 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - A New Cybernetic You!*30 September 2022Lo-bot
September 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!28 September 2022Lo-bot
*SWG Legends Player Spotlight: Icegrx*20 September 2022Lo-bot
*Battle at the Bastion PvP Event*12 September 2022Lo-bot
The Housing Demolition Event: 2022!08 September 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: September 202203 September 2022Lo-bot
A Galaxy Called to Arms! (The Battle of Restuss)02 September 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Give Yourself Credit*31 August 2022Lo-bot
August 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!27 August 2022Lo-bot
A Moment In Time: The Battle of Restuss21 August 2022Lo-bot
*SWG Legends: Player Spotlight: Seraphyne*16 August 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Exploring Player Events*16 August 2022Lo-bot
*Novice Player Event: August 2022*13 August 2022Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Transmission Issue #14: August 2022*09 August 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: August 202201 August 2022Lo-bot
July 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!30 July 2022Lo-bot
*Remembering Trebor*24 July 2022Lo-bot
*SWG: Legends Staff Spotlight: Wafle*24 July 2022Lo-bot
*In Memoriam: Community Remembrance*22 July 2022Lo-bot
Senate Update14 July 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Foraging Guide*08 July 2022Lo-bot
*Galaxy's Most Wanted*06 July 2022Lo-bot
*The Galactic Civil Showdown*04 July 2022Lo-bot
*Execute Order 66...Again!*04 July 2022Lo-bot
BPP Customer Alert04 July 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: July 202202 July 2022Lo-bot
June 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!29 June 2022Lo-bot
Server Status: Possible issues on login24 June 2022Lo-bot
Server Status: Possible issues on login (RESOLVED)24 June 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Tackling the Terentatek*23 June 2022Lo-bot
The Aegis Objective16 June 2022Lo-bot
Factional Photo Contest14 June 2022Lo-bot
*Galactic Beast Wars!*12 June 2022Lo-bot
*Execute Order Fishy Fish*05 June 2022Lo-bot
Empire Day 2022 Arrives!04 June 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: June 202203 June 2022Lo-bot
May 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!30 May 2022Lo-bot
*SWG Legends: Player Spotlight: Nolo*18 May 2022Lo-bot
*New Player Event: May 2022*18 May 2022Lo-bot
May the 4th: A Cloud City Celebration04 May 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature: Discovering Discord*02 May 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: May 2022 - Bespin Apartments01 May 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Choosing Your Damage*30 April 2022Lo-bot
Patch Server: Update28 April 2022Lo-bot
April 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!27 April 2022Lo-bot
*Community Update - May 4th!*26 April 2022Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Transmission Issue #13: April 2021*22 April 2022Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Transmission Issue #13: April 2022*22 April 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Starting Your Agricultural Adventure!*21 April 2022Lo-bot
Ranching and Farming Trailer (FIRST LOOK!)17 April 2022Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends: Staff Spotlight - NoStyleGuy*14 April 2022Lo-bot
*Together As One: A Galaxy United*13 April 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Beyond the Cantina*11 April 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: April 202206 April 2022Lo-bot
*Final Operational Optimization Listing*26 March 2022Lo-bot
*SWG Legends: Player Spotlight: Stim*20 March 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Space Skills*18 March 2022Lo-bot
March 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!16 March 2022Lo-bot
*Ewok Festival of Dance!*11 March 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: March 202205 March 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Space for Rent: Bespin Apartments*02 March 2022Lo-bot
Star Wars Galaxies: Legends - Year Six01 March 2022Lo-bot
DOUBLE XP! (Feb 25th - March 4th)25 February 2022Lo-bot
CenturyLink Temporary Outage22 February 2022Lo-bot
CenturyLink Temporary Outage - RESOLVED22 February 2022Lo-bot
February 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!22 February 2022Lo-bot
Account Security Updates14 February 2022Lo-bot
*Return of the Secret Admirers!*10 February 2022Lo-bot
The Ewok Festival of Love Returns!08 February 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: February 202208 February 2022Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Memories of the Past - A Galaxy United*07 January 2022Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: January 202205 January 2022Lo-bot
*Party Amongst the Trees!*03 January 2022Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Transmission Issue #12: December 2021*29 December 2021Lo-bot
Remembering Carrie Fisher23 December 2021Lo-bot
Community Update (Happy Holidays!)20 December 2021Lo-bot
10 Years Later: An SWG GIVEAWAY!15 December 2021Lo-bot
*Wampa Rampage!*10 December 2021Lo-bot
*The Lesson of Life Day*10 December 2021Lo-bot
*A Day of Harmony*10 December 2021Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: Life Day 202110 December 2021Lo-bot
*The 12 Days of Life Day*03 December 2021Lo-bot
Life Day 2021 Has Arrived! (Celebration Thread)02 December 2021Lo-bot
10 Years Later: A Galaxy Remembered02 December 2021Lo-bot
*Community Update*20 November 2021Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Into the Hunting Grounds of Kashyyyk*03 November 2021Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Exploring Legends Veteran Rewards*22 October 2021Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends: Staff Spotlight - Cristina*20 October 2021Lo-bot
*Tales From a Haunted House*10 October 2021Lo-bot
Monthly Financial Report 202108 October 2021Lo-bot
*Jabba's Menagerie of Mayhem!*07 October 2021Lo-bot
*Capturing The Madness!*06 October 2021Lo-bot
*The Pale Ghost Pandemonium*06 October 2021Lo-bot
Tusken Fervor Rising! (GMF Update for the TK Heroic)04 October 2021Lo-bot
*Galactic Moon Festival 2021 Arrives!*30 September 2021Lo-bot
Emergency Shutdown Performed Sept 27th28 September 2021Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Transmission Issue #11: September 2021*23 September 2021Lo-bot
*A REEL Good Time!*14 September 2021Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Exploring SWG:Legends on Instagram*10 September 2021Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Exploring Beast Master Live Events*03 September 2021Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: October 202101 September 2021Lo-bot
The Galactic Vacant Building Demolitions Crew (Housing Demolition 2021 is LIVE!)27 August 2021Lo-bot
The Housing Demolition Event has ENDED (Updated 9/10/21)27 August 2021Lo-bot
Ask Us Your Questions!10 August 2021Lo-bot
Staying Connected! (SWG:Legends on Social Media)26 July 2021Lo-bot
Extended Maintenance! (7-23-21)23 July 2021Lo-bot
Extended Maintenance! (Resolved!)23 July 2021Lo-bot
The Senate Election Begins!09 July 2021Lo-bot
Candidates for Election to the Eleventh Galactic Senate Announced!09 July 2021Lo-bot
Nominations for the ELEVENTH Galactic Senate!09 July 2021Lo-bot
*The Deadliest Game* (PvP Event)08 July 2021Lo-bot
*The Cloud City Ceasefire: An Empire Day Farewell*07 July 2021Lo-bot
*Double Everything Event!* (July 2021)01 July 2021Lo-bot
*Execute Order 66* (A Clone Wars Reenactment)29 June 2021Lo-bot
*Execute Order 66* (A Clone Wars Reenactment)23 June 2021Lo-bot
*An Empire's Grasp*20 June 2021Lo-bot
*Built on Hope*20 June 2021Lo-bot
We Want To Hear From You!19 June 2021Lo-bot
*A Source of Intel*18 June 2021Lo-bot
*A Soldier of Fortune (Forum Contest & Giveaway!)*18 June 2021Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Transmission Issue #10: June 2021*12 June 2021Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Space Homeshow Submissions: June 202101 June 2021Lo-bot
*PvP Hype Night: Restuss*27 May 2021Lo-bot
Empire Day 2021 Has Arrived!24 May 2021Lo-bot
*New And Returning Player Event*11 May 2021Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Instagram GIVEAWAY!*11 May 2021Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Instagram GIVEAWAY!* (Winner Announced!)11 May 2021Lo-bot
Bespin: The City in the Clouds02 May 2021Lo-bot
Bespin:The City in the Clouds (Game Features Trailer)30 April 2021Lo-bot
Scheduled Downtime (PLEASE READ!)28 April 2021Lo-bot
Bespin arround the corner27 April 2021Lazarus
The Cloud City Spotlight (Exclusive)23 April 2021Lo-bot
SWG:Legends - Bespin: The City in the Clouds (Official Trailer)16 April 2021Lo-bot
The Ultimate Collection: Friday Features / Spotlights / Homeshow Winners / CT Issues13 April 2021Lo-bot
Staying Connected! (SWG:Legends on Social Media)12 April 2021Lo-bot
*The Creature Clash!*11 April 2021Lo-bot
March 2021 Galactic Homeshow Winner!30 March 2021Lo-bot
*The Community Transmission - Complete Collection*27 March 2021Lo-bot
*Staff and Player Spotlights - The Complete Collection*27 March 2021Lo-bot
*Galactic Homeshow Winners - The Complete Collection*27 March 2021Lo-bot
*Friday Features - The Complete Collection*27 March 2021Lo-bot
Account Security27 March 2021Lo-bot
Ghost Ship26 March 2021Xian
Volunteers Needed: Sound Design Contributors24 March 2021Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Transmission Issue #9: March 2021*23 March 2021Lo-bot
*Love It or Hate It Cast Off!*10 March 2021Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - A New Tradition* (Exploring The Days of the Aned-Kla)05 March 2021Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: March 202104 March 2021Lo-bot
*A Letter From Leadership*26 February 2021Lo-bot
*A Moment In Time - A Roll Of The Dice*26 February 2021Lo-bot
We Want YOU... For the CSR Team!23 February 2021Lo-bot
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020 November 2020Lo-bot
020 November 2020Lo-bot
008 November 2020Lo-bot
*15 Years of the Trials of Obi-Wan*01 November 2020Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Terrors and Trinkets*21 October 2020Lo-bot
Remembering IrishDarkShadow20 October 2020Lo-bot
*The Twin Moon Pageant*17 October 2020Lo-bot
*New And Returning Player Event*13 October 2020Lo-bot
*The Galactic Moon Festival 2020*12 October 2020Lo-bot
*Capturing The Madness*10 October 2020Lo-bot
*The Legends Pumpkin Carving Contest!*10 October 2020Lo-bot
*Mischief Under The Moon*10 October 2020Lo-bot
*Worrt A Stink!*10 October 2020Lo-bot
*The Haunted Maze*10 October 2020Lo-bot
*Jabba's Hunt Of Horrors*09 October 2020Lo-bot
*Night Of The Pale Ghost*09 October 2020Lo-bot
*The Blackwing Incursion*09 October 2020Lo-bot
September 2020 Galactic Space Homeshow Winner!28 September 2020Lo-bot
SWG:Legends Reporting Tool and Policy Updates23 September 2020Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - The PvP GCW Static Bases*21 September 2020Lo-bot
Update on GCW AFK Areas (15/09/20)15 September 2020Lo-bot
*No Good To Me Alive!*10 September 2020Lo-bot
Community Update (9/7/20)07 September 2020Lo-bot
*SWG:Legends Community Transmission Issue #7: September 2020*01 September 2020Lo-bot
Election Results for the Ninth Galactic Senate30 August 2020Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Space Homeshow Submissions: September 202022 August 2020Lo-bot
Introducing The SWG:Legends Support Center!15 August 2020Lo-bot
Candidates for Election to the Ninth Galactic Senate ANNOUNCED!12 August 2020Lo-bot
SWG Legends: Player Spotlight: Vayman28 July 2020Lo-bot
Galactic Senate Elections are here!25 July 2020Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - The Darklighter Estate*21 July 2020Lo-bot
*Remembering Madgoose*19 July 2020Lo-bot
*Community Contest: Starship Styling*15 July 2020Lo-bot
*New And Returning Player Event*13 July 2020Lo-bot
*Beast Bash At The Beach*25 June 2020Lo-bot
Volunteers Needed: Events & Social Media Team22 June 2020Lo-bot
*The Spynet Situation*14 June 2020Lo-bot
*Rebel Without A Cause*14 June 2020Lo-bot
*Reenactment Gone Awry*14 June 2020Lo-bot
*A Message From The Emperor*14 June 2020Lo-bot
*The Galactic Armistice*14 June 2020Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - The Trivial Librarian*09 June 2020Lo-bot
*Empire/Remembrance Day 2020*07 June 2020Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: June 202002 June 2020Lo-bot
Volunteers Needed: CSR Team23 May 2020Lo-bot
*Return To The Avatar Platform (Hard Mode)*19 May 2020Lo-bot
May 2020 Development Update17 May 2020Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: May 202002 May 2020Lo-bot
SWG Legends Staff Spotlight: Oroti30 April 2020Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - To The Rooftops!*24 April 2020Lo-bot
*May The Fourth Be With You!*23 April 2020Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Exploring Omega Cities*10 April 2020Lo-bot
*Play Me A Fool*27 March 2020Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - A Face In The Galaxy*27 March 2020Lo-bot
Monthly Financial Report 202023 March 2020Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: March 202002 March 2020Lo-bot
February 2020 Galactic Homeshow Winner!01 March 2020Lo-bot
Election Results for the Eighth Galactic Senate29 February 2020Lo-bot
*You Hate To See It*27 February 2020Lo-bot
Candidates for Election to the Eighth Galactic Senate ANNOUNCED!11 February 2020Lo-bot
*The Ewok Festival Of Love 2020*02 February 2020Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: February 202002 February 2020Lo-bot
Elections for the EIGHTH Galactic Senate - Nominations are now OPEN!25 January 2020Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - The SWG:Legends Wiki*13 January 2020Lo-bot
Omega Extended Downtime - Monday, January 13th, 202012 January 2020Lo-bot
Extended Downtime - Server Maintenance - 01/11/2010 January 2020Lo-bot
Omega Extended Downtime - Thursday, January 9th, 202009 January 2020Lo-bot
Volunteers Needed: CSR Team07 January 2020Lo-bot
Omega Extended Downtime - Monday, January 6th, 202006 January 2020Lo-bot
December 2019 Galactic Homeshow Winner!02 January 2020Lo-bot
*The Swim Of Demise Returns!*22 October 2019Lo-bot
*A Galaxy Carve Carve Away*15 October 2019Lo-bot
*Friday Feature - Using Resource Harvesters*03 October 2019Lo-bot
Legends Galactic Homeshow Submissions: October 201929 September 2019Lo-bot
September 2019 Galactic Homeshow Winner29 September 2019Lo-bot
*Jabba's Screamshot Scrapbook*26 September 2019Lo-bot
*The Blackwing Extraction*26 September 2019Lo-bot
*An Outbreak Resurgent*26 September 2019Lo-bot
*The Moon Festival Masquerade*26 September 2019Lo-bot
*The Nights of Nyax*26 September 2019Lo-bot
The Galactic Moon Festival 201926 September 2019Lo-bot
Volunteers Needed: CSR Team02 September 2019Lo-bot
Volunteers Needed: CSR Team02 September 2019Lo-bot
Omega August Hotfix - Friday, August 16, 201917 August 2019Lo-bot
Double XP Weekend - August 9th-11th09 August 2019Lo-bot
Omega Emergency Restart - Wednesday, August 7, 201908 August 2019Lo-bot
Launcher 2.31 Update - August 201907 August 2019Lo-bot
Elections for the SEVENTH Galactic Senate - Nominations & Timetable27 July 2019Lo-bot
Volunteers Needed: Quality Assurance25 May 2019Lo-bot
Monthly Financial Report 201920 March 2019Lo-bot
Player City Citizenship & Maintenance Changes Update18 March 2019Lo-bot
Community Update: March 201902 March 2019Lo-bot
Anniversary Update 201927 February 2019Lo-bot
February 2019 Hotfix18 February 2019Lo-bot
February Development Update14 February 2019Lo-bot
SWG:Legends Development Roadmap02 February 2019Lo-bot
January Development Update25 January 2019Lo-bot
Current State of the Galaxy23 January 2019Lo-bot
Upgrading Your Launcher19 January 2019Lo-bot
ILM 2.0 - Launcher Update18 January 2019Lo-bot
Omega Extended Downtime - December 31st, 201831 December 2018Lo-bot
December 2018 Update Part II - GCW 2 Space23 December 2018Lo-bot
Launcher Update - December 201820 December 2018Lo-bot
December Update 201817 December 2018Lo-bot
Double XP is Live!14 December 2018Lo-bot