SWG Legends news // *Remembering Seraphyne*

Greetings Legends,
Back in December of 2022, we received some very devastating news that our fellow community member @seraphyne had passed away suddenly in real life. Seraphyne was a very dedicated person who wasn't just part of our community, but created and thrived in it. She frequently attended our Live Events in-game, participated in many of our contests in and out of game, and generously shared her time to help the community’s combined efforts to deep dive into the Ranching & Farming content released last year with fellow members of the SEED Project.
Seraphyne was as generous with her time as she was with her gift of creating art that she shared with the rest of the world, and we're very honored to say that she did share it with us here at SWG:Legends.
With the rollout of Empire Day 2023, we have released two special pieces that she allowed us to use and share with all of you that you will be able to acquire on the NPC Karen Sara outside the Starport in Mos Eisley. Her work can also be seen displayed at the Bespin Museum.
As saddened as we all are that she's gone, we hope her memory continues on through the relationships she's made while she was with us and that a part of her will continue on here within our galaxy through all of you when you look at these wonderful works:
If you would like to get to know Seraphyne a little bit more, we highly encourage you to visit her Player Spotlight profile that we released in August of 2022: To view Seraphyne's Player Spotlight, CLICK HERE.
Seraphyne was an equally creative decorator ingame, having won the Galactic Homeshow contest back in August of 2021. You can view the thread celebrating her Homeshow Submission RIGHT HERE.

Seraphyne will be greatly missed by friends and family in and out of SWG, but we know she will be remembered fondly and celebrated for a long time here within this community.
Although she's not with us anymore, there's still a lot to learn and be inspired by in the way Seraphyne looked at life. Maybe in a way we should try to emulate with one another, focusing more on the little things that can help us aspire to be as good of a person ourselves.

As a farewell to Seraphyne, we wanted to leave you all with a sample of Seraphyne's other Star Wars themed works for you to view and enjoy and invite all of you to pay your respects to Seraphyne in this thread. If you have any screenshots, stories, or memories of any kind you want to share with us, we very much encourage all of it.
May the Force be with you always Seraphyne,
The SWG:Legends Team