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Dear Legends,
I hope each of you that reads this are doing well and staying safe. On a slightly more personal announcement today, I feel as if I owe all of you this letter as a great many of you have interacted with me over the many years of SWG:Legends.
Before I go into things, I want each of you to know that connecting with all of you has made me the happiest person in the entire world over the last five years. Listening to your Star Wars stories, hearing about the special friendships you’ve made and your overall experience of SWG:Legends has been incredibly precious to me. I shall never ever forget them. Your unwavering devotion as a community to this virtual Star Wars universe is what keeps the true essence of Star Wars Galaxies alive- the future of SWG lives within each of you! You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty more adventures and iconic moments with your favorite Star Wars characters to be had. I am very eager to experience these moments alongside you someday as a fellow gamer!
For now though, It’s time for me to work hard and chase my own dreams outside of SWG:Legends. I will always be the biggest supporter, friend, and fan of this incredible community, and I will look back on the years I have contributed to the project with utter happiness.
The project is in the safest hands with the most incredible team behind it, It's been such an honour to be part of this. I have no doubt our in-game galaxy will continue to flourish at lightspeeds well into the future. There are many special people I want to thank but I’d be listing them forever; one special mention to Neliev. You all know who you are though! But for now, It’s time for me to start writing a new chapter of my own story.
I will depart from the project after Legends celebrates it’s official five year anniversary on February 28th. I hope to see all of you in-game during the celebration period.
Until our paths cross,