SWG Legends news // Introducing The SWG:Legends Support Center!

Greetings Legends!
Over the last few weeks, our team has been working behind the scenes on an exciting new update just for you, and we are thrilled to introduce the new Community Support Center!
The Support Center is designed to make it as easy as possible for you, the community, to receive assistance when you need it. The Support Center will be accessible using the following link: https://support.swglegends.com/, and will completely replace the current system that is using forum threads.
Let’s look at some of the highlights of the system.
The request process will now be more streamlined. Ticket choices are labeled to help you understand what you are requesting. Information that is necessary to complete your request is clearer, and required information is marked with an asterisk.
From the Support Center homescreen, You will want to click on the "Open Ticket" button. You have four options to choose from:

*Infraction/Ban Disputes - For players to appeal an Infraction or a Ban.
*Multiple Account Support Service - For players wishing to request multiple accounts.
*Player Dispute - For players to report other players or staff members for perceived breaches of the SWG:Legends Code of Conduct. These tickets are only viewed by Staff Leadership.
*Support Services Request - The majority of player requests will be placed here. There are many sub categories to this section, which are detailed below.

Once you have entered in all of the requested information and submitted your ticket, the entire CSR team will be notified via discord that your request is in the system. Please remember that it can take 24 to 48 hours for a member of the CSR team to respond to your issue.
Viewing your open tickets has never been easier! You will be able update your responses and print your tickets for your records.

Clicking on the Ticket # will open up the ticket for you. You will be able to see all of the responses from the CSR team as well as place any replies of your own.
Your tickets will remain accessible for up to 12 months after they have been closed (previously they were only available for 24 hours).
Our favorite part about this update is that Commander Cody will now send you a direct message on Discord when your ticket has been updated. You must be a member of the SWG:Legends Discord server to have access to this feature.

We have also added a knowledge base system that can be used by anyone to look up the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Question that we get asked about. You simply select a topic to view the FAQ. You will also find links to the SWG:Legends Wiki!

Mark your calendars, because we are looking to launch the Support Center on September 1st, 2020. On this date, the Support section on the forums will be locked to prevent any new threads from being started, and all traffic will be redirected to the Support Center. All tickets that are left over in the forum support section will be answered or transferred into the new system. We will make another another announcement on the Forums, Discord, and our Social Media platforms prior to the launch, and we will be including a video with more detailed instructions on how to use this system.
We hope that you are as excited as we are for these new features.
May the Force Be With You!
The SWG:Legends Team