SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Tackling the Terentatek*

Greetings Legends!
Today we're talking about a vicious beast found the in the dark corners of the galaxy, the Terentatek. This fearsome creature is known for it's insatiable appetite for force imbued prey, stalking and feasting on any with control of the Force.
Their background is as shrouded in darkness as is their alignment with users of the force. They're often commonly found throughout history when the powers of the Sith rise. Perhaps the overwhelming influence of the Emperor and Lord Vader on the Galaxy has caused one particular Terentatek to awaken deep in the jungles of Yavin IV...

If you and a group of like-minded adventurers have steeled yourself, you can fight a one of these ferocious creatures. Buff up, and head to Yavin IV. Somewhere near the coordinates -6000 7400 you will find a shelter, crafted to house some large beast. Once you are prepared, crawl through the rocks, and enter the dark caves below.

The Beast Itself

Once inside, you'll be across from the beast, gnashing tooth and claw, ready to rip all who oppose to shreds! Be ready for a strong fight, as the Terentatek is able to channel the ambient dark side to sap the vitality from all who stand before them. The Terentatek has also developed a particular taste for bacta, and those carrying a surplus will find themselves square in the sights of the beast. The fight will be quick, but hard fought, as the Terenatek will shred any before it with no remorse, so you have to be quick in taking it down!
If you are lucky enough to fell the beast, be sure to claim your rewards! You might even glimpse another specter of the force, overlooking the recently fallen shadow. A riddle of an appearance, perhaps the community can further help from here!

A howl of the light side!

We hope that you have enjoyed a dip in the dark side, and are able to fight with the beast yourself!
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