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Greetings Legends,
Our Galaxy far far away wouldn’t be the special place we know it as without the endearing presence of someone truly special within the Star Wars universe.
The one and only; Carrie Fisher first came onto our screens in Star Wars: A New Hope way back in 1977, starring as the iconic character Princess Leia and continuing to her iconic role in Episodes V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX. In Star Wars Galaxies, Princess Leia is a character which is vital to the story we experience in-game. She appears in numerous quests and in-game events; such as the Rebel Themepark, Remembrance Day, Life Day and many more. Her presence and energy persists as a huge part of our hearts as Star Wars fans, her inner spark is ingrained into the soul of the game and all of Star Wars in its entirety.
December 27th marks the four year anniversary since Carrie’s passing, we want to pay tribute to the incredible legacy of our beloved princess. We invite you all to a memorial tribute service to celebrate her life which will be taking place on Sunday, December 27th at Dee’ja Peak on Naboo (/waypoint 5225 -1655) at 11.15PM GMT UK/6.15PM EST USA/3.15PM PST USA.
Make sure you join the 'Remembering Carrie Fisher' Voice channel within the SWG:Legends Discord during the memorial service.

Share your words with our galaxy returns!

Please submit to us your favorite memories or moments of Princess Leia, or Carrie if you met her within this thread, we will also take memories and moments from our social media channels across the project.
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Twitter - https://twitter.com/SWGLegendsStaff
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/swglegends/
We’ll pick some of them to share via an in-game galaxy broadcast message during the tribute.
(Please keep it short if possible, these memories can include if you were lucky enough to meet Carrie in person) Also please include your discord name or in game character name with your memories.
A Symbol of Remembrance

You can interact with the memorial by using /Bow2. If you are within the area for 5 minutes you will have a chance to receive a unique memorial in-game item. If other players are within the area you will simply have to remain in the area until you are selected to have the memorial in-game item.
We do kindly ask that no combat takes place during this service, or unsuitable spatial dialogue. We could be experiencing a large server load during this tribute, due to this a mirrored tribute service may take place in another location at the same time, more details will be provided on the day if this is required. If you are in attendance, try to keep it as clutter free as possible that includes, storing pets and droids, storing vehicles and familiar pets and attending the service on ONE character. No in-game items will be obtainable during the tribute.
Frown not, friends. This is a celebration of life lived and never forgotten. Carrie Fisher will always be a cherished family to the Star Wars fandom and the joy she brought to many of us will continue on. Together, we will make this a day of harmony in honour of our princess this Life Day.
May the force be with you, always.
The SWG:Legends Team.