SWG Legends news // May the 4th: A Cloud City Celebration

Greetings Legends!
All of us here on the team can certainly appreciate a good milestone when they come along. Little markers in time that can really help paint the broader picture of the overall journey we’ve been on, and to say it’s been a lengthy journey after over SIX YEARS might be an understatement, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!
No matter the hurdles and hardships along the way, the team showed resolve, and with support (and patience!) from this amazing community, we went to work. There aren’t enough words to convey the rigorous efforts and hours of design work, coding, testing, communication, and collaboration among the different branches of our staff and different areas of work with our project contributors to get this massive undertaking that was Cloud City, complete and presented to all of you. We made May 4th, 2021 a day to remember for this project and one we certainly won’t forget and hope that you fondly remember for years to come.
This year, we’re celebrating May 4th by also celebrating the FIRST anniversary release of our unofficial Star Wars Galaxies expansion - Bespin: The City in the Clouds.
The galaxy is a huge place and Bespin’s arrival made our galaxy that much bigger with a living, breathing Cloud City that feels like it truly belongs in the Star Wars Galaxies universe. We’re incredibly happy that the timing of its release could conveniently coincide with Star Wars Day!
We’re having a celebration in-game and across our social media platforms this week (all the way up to Monday, May 9th!) and we can’t wait to run down a few of the exciting things (some new, some familiar!) that you can expect over this period of time to honor not only Star Wars Day, but also the 1st anniversary release of Cloud City!
Let’s dive into what’s going on!

DOUBLE XP: (May 2nd - May 5th) / [DOUBLE EVERYTHING: (May 6th - May 9th)
It’s not a real celebration without doubling the fun! We’re activating DOUBLE XP (xp only) to start the week before we ramp things up this Friday when on May 6th, you can then also enjoy a DOUBLE EVERYTHING event all weekend until May 9th! If you were looking for a time to rack up the extra heroic/pvp tokens, resources and more, this is the right time to dive in!
(Bespin Gas will not be affected by the double everything, but Bespin PvP Tokens will be.)

Celebrating Bespin:
To commemorate the occasion, we’re releasing a limited time only painting to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Bespin’s release. We’re honored that our friend, Mario Pontón could give us his blessing to showcase this incredible rendition of Bespin to help make this anniversary even more memorable! Log in between May 4th and May 20th to /claim this unique and limited time only painting while you can! (Yes, the painting is tradable too!)

May the Fourth Festivities:
Starting on May 4th, fireworks displays will be happening throughout the week in Cloud City and Mos Eisley to get us into the partying spirit!
You can also try to bring a little joy to some of the grumpy Ugnaughts wandering around Cloud City who could use your help turning their frowns upside down (surely something like /tickle might work?), but be careful! Some ugnaughts simply want to be left to their own devices! If you’re successful though, you just might be granted a few small rewards from our ugnaught friends. (You can successfully claim rewards from ugnaughts up to 5 times per character before they keep knocking you out! There is no daily reset)
Also returning for May 4th is all the junk loot! Scour Cloud City to find containers around town and maybe with the help of your radial menus, you can stock up during this celebratory junk-a-thon!
- Junk loot can be gathered from the MagSeal containers on Bespin until you're prompted that you can't collect anymore on each of your characters.
- There is no daily reset.
- You have until the event runs out to use your characters to collect junk (characters need to be at least be at least 10 days old)
- You can get roughly 600 pieces of junk per character. (sometimes less, sometimes more)

Giveaway Contests:
Be on the lookout on May 4th! We’ve got exciting giveaways happening across our social media platforms and you can increase your chances at winning a little piece of SWG from us!

If you’re curious where you can find us on the web, follow this link here to learn how to stay connected with the project so you don’t miss out on exclusive news, contests, and other giveaways!
We would like to extend a most sincere thank you to one of our community members, @Darkstorm for donating one of the amazing prizes we’re using in our big social media giveaway!

Live Events:
Keep your ears and eyes peeled this week! There might be some strange happenings going on throughout Cloud City over the course of all the messing with ugnaughts and thinking your safe salvaging junk loot!

A Look Back at Cloud City:
Before you zip through the rest of this thread, we hope that if you haven’t already, you can watch (or rewatch) our trailers that preceded Bespin’s release! It was an exciting time for the project and you can relive that excitement in the following trailers below that we want to thank our contributor @DerHutmacher for working with us to make.
Bespin: The City in the Clouds (Official Trailer)

Bespin Game Features Trailer

We hope you all enjoy this wonderful time, whether that be eating up double xp, enjoying a new update, messing with ugnaughts, gathering junk loot, or whatever it is that you enjoy! The galaxy is your oyster!
May the Fourth be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team