SWG Legends news // *Community Update*

Greetings Legends,
We hope you’re enjoying your adventures throughout the galaxy and ready for many more coming soon!
The work of the Galactic Senate Program here on SWG:Legends is one of the many important bodies of the project. The work that your Senators (actively serving and past served alike) do to help make life in this galaxy better should not be understated. Through much discussion, time, (and a little patience), the great work eventually shines through with a successful Senate Resolution and in time, these ideas become an actual part of the galaxy. We thank our Senators, their respective committee members, and the community as a whole for making this program work.

We are very excited to inform you in this Community Update of an upcoming Senate Resolution update arriving to Omega in a little over a week from the day of this post, on Monday, November 28th.
Below is an advanced preview of this aforementioned resolution from the patch notes:
Weapon Freedom of Skin:
  • New Appearance Damage Bonus Bits and Elemental Damage Bonus Bits will now drop from heroics, world bosses, and Bounty Hunter missions.
  • All non-heroic 2% weapons will have an optional slot for a new appearance bonus bit that will increase the appearance damage bonus up to 2% (depending on experimented quality during crafting).
  • All Kashyyykian weapons that have a Hardmode version are ineligible for the 2% damage bonus on the normal schematics.
  • Heavy Weapons only get 1% damage bonus.
  • All melee weapons will have an optional slot for a Vibro Blade unit now if they didn’t have one previously.
  • The attack range for crafted Pistols has been increased to 38m.
  • The attack range for all crafted non-Hardmode Kashyyykian Carbines has been increased to 55m.
  • A new Weapon Elemental Kit Schematic has been added to the Weaponsmith's Profession Wheel. This kit will grant +1 elemental damage bonus for a weapon that does not have an elemental bonus yet.
  • This change is NOT RETROACTIVE and will not apply to weapons already crafted. This only applies to weapons crafted following the release of this update.

As a REMINDER, the above notes will ONLY take effect after our restart NEXT MONDAY, on NOVEMBER 28th!
Overall, the main goal of this Senate Resolution is to allow for any weapon skins to be brought up to end game weapon stats. This will allow for even more player customization.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and of course seeing your initial reactions the day these changes become live in the game. We will do our best to respond to your questions/concerns in the replies to this thread.
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team