SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature: Discovering Discord*

One of the most rewarding experiences in Star Wars: Galaxies is connecting with our awesome community! In today’s Friday Feature, we’ll explore one of the most popular ways to stay connected with your fellow players: our official Discord!

Getting Started:
The first step is of course, joining our Discord: click here to join if you haven't already. You might notice it looks a little bare when you first arrive. Let's fix that. To unlock all our Discord channels, you will need to message the Activation Bot. Here are the steps!
  • At the very top of the member list, you will see the category “Bot”. Select “Activation Bot” and then click on its profile picture if you're on your desktop. You’ll need to hit the green “Send Message” button. You can also right click it and select "Message". If you're on mobile, you can just tap Activation Bot and hit Message.

  • Send a message to the bot. It will reply asking you to provide your forum username. Then, it will ask for your email address. Your email address must be the one connected to your forum username.

That’s it! You should now have Player status, and be able to see all the channels on the Discord! There are some instances where the bot will note that your forum account is already connected to a Discord account: not to worry, simply message a CSR and they can help get your desired Discord account connected! You don’t need to have the Player status to message a CSR, so go ahead and reach out if you need help!
Once you get into the server, you can customize your notifications. Make sure you never miss a moment from your favourite channels by following these steps:
  • On desktop, click on SWG: Legends at the top of the server and select Notification Settings from the drop down menu. On mobile, this will be a bit different: click on SWG: Legends, and you'll see Notifications right at the top under the bell.
  • You'll be brought to the Notification Settings menu. From there, you can choose to mute the server if you don't want notifications, or customize your server notification settings.
  • If you'd like to always receive notifications from certain channels, or mute certain channels, you can under Notification Overrides.

With these tools, you can customize a Discord experience that prioritizes what you like the most!

Navigating the Scene:
Now you've gotten access to all the channels in our Discord... what happens next? There's a lot of channels available, so let's take a moment to explore the layout of the server!
Reading the Announcements category will keep you up to date on everything SWG: Legends! A good first step in our Discord is the #welcome channel. Here you'll find our Discord Policy, Account Policy, and Code of Conduct. You'll also find a guide to install the game, a link to our player run Wiki, and resources to turn to if you need assistance! Also under Announcements, you will find:
  • #server-status: Any announcements about the server will go here. This is also where to keep track of server restarts.
  • #community-events: See what's going on in the galaxy and find a fun community event to go to!
  • #announcements: Keep informed on all things SWG: Legends by following this channel! From patch notes, to live event reminders, to Friday Features, the Announcements channel is info on demand!
  • #gcw: The Commander Cody bot will send out alerts informing you which invasion is currently happening in the galaxy! The schedule is in the pins of this channel.

"General Discussions"
General chat is the hub for any general discussion or questions about SWG: Legends! Here's what channels you'll find there:
  • #general and #cantina: Come get to know your fellow players! Ask questions, get help, and chat!
  • #csr-helpdesk: Do you need assistance? Drop a message for a CSR, and one will get back to you as soon as they are able.
  • #server-discussion: Got questions about the server? Suggestions, maybe? Pop them in here.
  • #senate-office: A new feature to our Discord, this is your place to connect with your Senators and Senate committee members! Ask them questions, and suggest any ideas you might have!

"Community Corner"
This category is your one stop shop for chats about everything SWG: Legends! From resources, to space, to crafting, to PVP, to beast mastery, our players have no shortage of channels to talk about their favourite aspects of the game. There is also a #lfg channel for those looking to join group PVE content, and #player-cities-guilds for those looking for a new home in the galaxy.
"Community Channels"
This contains all the voice channels available for players. If you're doing group content, why not gather in an Instance group channel? Getting a group together for pvp? We have voice channels for that, too!

Stay Connected!
Our Discord isn't the only way to stay in the loop with the project. Be sure to take a look at our Staying Connected post, and follow us on social media! We hope to see you in the community soon!
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