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Greetings Legends,
For this Friday Feature, we’re going to talk about the newer Guild Halls recently added to the game by the Legends Team. We also want to go over how you can conveniently move from one of your old style Guild Halls to one of the new ones in a pinch and immediately start decorating your roof tops! It's worth noting that the following method is also fine to use when moving out and in to other non guild hall related housing.
New Player Guild Halls were introduced to the server in the October 2019 update and have varying color palettes. The big new feature we want to cover is the new wonderful open roof area that allows you to place decorations within it!
The new Structures are available in Generic (Style 2), Naboo (Style 2), Corellian (Style 2) and Tatooine (Style 3). They require the same base maintenance rate of 50 credits per hour (less if using trader expertise) and use FIVE lots to place. Like their older variants, they also allow a maximum storage capacity of 500, but can easily be increased using the storage increases rewarded by collections, Veteran rewards and also purchased from the in-game NPC at the Lucky Despot.
So let's discuss using the new roof area. It allows for large and small items to be displayed and provides a very open floor plan! Take some time and try different looks, There is a lot of area to fill! Remember, Everyone's decorating ideas are different. Make it your own! Have fun and don't rush!

(An undecorated Guild Hall rooftop)
(A decorated Guild Hall rooftop)

So if you are thinking of moving in the new guild hall and are concerned about having to move all your current decor and the countless hours you may have poured into YOUR layout, worry not! There are some command options that will ease your mind and make the move painless and quick. Let’s go over them!
/PickupAllRoomItemsIntoInventory - will attempt to pick up all items in the room you are currently in.
/PickupAllRoomItemsIntoInventory -overload - will attempt to pick up all items in the room you are currently in while ignoring inventory overload.
/DropAllInventoryItemsIntoRoom - will attempt to drop all items in your inventory into the room you are currently in.
/saveDecorationLayout - will attempt to save the current decoration layout of the room you are in - ideal if your trying something new but want the option to go back to how things were before you started
/restoreDecorationLayout - will attempt to restore a previously saved decoration layout.
Although the structures are the same basic design, Each room has a different name and number than the older guild halls! These room numbers can easily be accessed in-game by using the Ctrl-Shift-G command.

Please look in the third line down named Player Cell and notice the room numbers differ! This will come into play when trying to load the saved layout in the new structure.
Be sure to leave the box above open on your screen during the whole process, to help identify the room number as you try to restore the saved layout.
First thing is to empty your character’s inventory so you have 0/80 space available.
Here is a more detailed guide to help you use the commands mentioned above:
Use the command /saveDecorationLayout and the following box will appear -
Select Slot #1 and hit OK
Next box you need to name the save as you wish, then hit OK.
Next You will get a message on screen that the layout has been saved.
The named files are saved in the game files! You can store multiple rooms in other number slots! You can also write over any existing saved layout, Just be sure you have completed the move or the layout will be lost!
Now the named file is saved in the game files!
You are now ready to use the command /PickupAllRoomItemsIntoInventory -overload. This command allows you to overload your inventory, but depending on the number of items in the room, it make take multiple trips!
Once your have picked up the items in this room, travel to the new guild hall and use the command
/DropAllInventoryItemsIntoRoom in the same room as the prior guild hall.
This will empty your entire inventory into a stack where you are standing.
Now the tricky part... Please notice the room number in the box using the Ctrl-Shift-G command!
Using the command /restoreDecorationLayout, This screen will appear -
Please then select the saved file for the room you just emptied and hit OK.
The following box will appear, then it's time to select the correct room number for the new Guild Hall and select OK.
Next select the Restore option and hit OK.
The box will close and the items in the room will begin to return their saved position. Time varies by number of items in the room to complete the process, but if you look at the message provided once you start the process, it will state how many items are being restored.
You've completed the first room and (hopefully) mastered the process! Now to finish the job!
Listed below are a few helpful links that can help you acquire more of the in game storage increase items to help fill out your home and hopefully some useful commands to help decorate it:

Special thanks to @Darnarg for contributing their time on this Friday Feature.
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team
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