SWG Legends news // *Party Amongst the Trees!*

The celebration continues,
We're back again in the heights of Kashyyyk celebrating our precious Life Day surrounded by the trees! Join the SWG:Legends Staff and the Wookiee Life Day Elders of Kashyyyk for the biggest festive social gathering this January! We’ll provide the drinks and music!
We'll see you in the trees and hope you're ready for plenty of dancing, lots of fun, and lots of good company (with hopefully NOT lots of lag, but we'll do our best to make things comfortable for all of us!)
There's only one rule for this event! - Be sure to wear all RED clothing or armor. It’s Life Day!
Event Type: Social
Event Location: The Great Tree 3rd floor (Kashyyyk, Kachiro) /Waypoint -488 -44
Event Date: Sunday, January 9th.
Event Time: This event will start at the following time (with conversions listed below)

Event Rule: Wear all RED clothing and/or armor.

Donate Your Toy Parts for "Some Assembly Required"
All throughout Life Day, you have had opportunities to collect toy parts for Saun Dann as part of the "Some Assembly Required" event. During the party, Saun Dann will be making an appearance to collect your parts in exchange for prizes!
During the event, an announcement will be made to queue up in front of Saun Dann to have your parts collected. Your parts MUST be easily found in the top level of your inventory. After the parts are collected and checked, prizes will be rewarded as follows:
  • Tier 1: ONE Unique Part - 100 Life Day Propaganda Tokens (Rebel or Imperial, your choice) and 1 Token of Gratification
  • Tier 2: TWO Unique Parts - All Tier 1 prizes, plus a Life Day Vendor item of choice (excluding the potted plant)
  • Tier 3: THREE Unique Parts - All Tier 1 and 2 prizes, plus Han's Hydrospanner which grants a random collection item
  • Tier 4: FOUR Unique Parts - All Tier 1, 2 and 3 prizes, plus a collection item of your choice (must be selected within two weeks of the party or the prize is forfeit). The collection item will be marked as "No Trade Shared".

If you have toy parts but cannot attend the party, you may DM Vincer#1727 on Discord to arrange a different time for the exchange. The same restrictions apply as written above.
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team.