SWG Legends news // Elections for the EIGHTH Galactic Senate - Nominations are now OPEN!

Greetings Legends!
It is that time of the year again when we invite the Legends Community to put forward candidates for election to the next Galactic Senate, to take office from the 1st March 2020 after the current Senate leaves office on the 29th February 2020.
Being part of the Galactic Senate programme is a both an honour and a responsibility - as a serving senator you will be the bridge between the Project Staff and the Legends Community and it will be your responsibility to represent the views and opinions of the community at all times.
The timetable for the elections to the Eighth Galactic Senate is as follows:
  • Saturday 25th January - Nominations Open
  • Friday 7th February - Nominations Close
  • Saturday 8th February - Last meeting of the Seventh Galactic Senate
  • Tuesday 11th February - Staff Review of Candidates & announcement of Candidates
  • Wednesday 12th February - Voting Opens & Campaigning begins
  • Friday 14th February - Seventh Galactic Senate Statistics Released
  • Saturday 15th February - Senate Forums are archived and reset for next Senate
  • Tuesday 25th February - Voting Closes and Campaigning ends
  • Thursday 27th February - Votes are validated by Customer Service Team and Election Results are announced
  • Saturday 29th February - Seventh Galactic Senate leaves office
  • Sunday 1st March - Eighth Galactic Senate takes office
  • Saturday 7th March - First meeting of the Eighth Galactic Senate

BEING A SENATOR - What to expect
As a serving Senator you will have the opportunity to help shape the future of the Project and champion those important player issues that the Legends Community want championed!
In addition to interacting with the community and proposing changes and new features on their behalf, Senators will also get an opportunity to interact with the developers, give feedback and even get to help out with testing new content and updates (as required by the QA Team and only at invitation).
You will receive the covetted in-game title of Galactic Senator and a unique forum and discord rank granting you privilleged access to interact with both staff and the community.
Starting with the EIGHTH Galactic Senate we will be introducing some new features to the Senate program, based on feedback we have received from both Senators and Players alike - these include:
  • Senate Election Collections - get credit towards a new collection and badge by voting in the election! (Voting from pre vious senates will be applied to collections at a later date)
  • Senate In-game Rewards - Senators and Player can earn in-game rewards for participation in new in-game senate events such as Committee meetings, town hall meetings, public debates and more!
  • Senate Committees - New this Senate term will be the introduction of a number of Senate Sub-committees which will be chaired by Senators themselves and will focus on a specific aspect of the game with the involvement of the community - look out for committees covering PvP, PvE, Space, Crafting and more!
  • Senator Code of Conduct - we have listened to the negative feedback as well as the positive and starting this term Senators will be held to a higher standard with the new Senator Code of Conduct, ensuring your represetatives act appropriately and can be brought to account if they do not...

If you would like to nominate yourself, or another player (with their permissions), to be a candidate in the election for the Seventh Galactic Senate, please post your nomination in the following thread, being careful to follow the instructions provided: Nominations Thread For the EIGHTH Galactic Senate
If you would like to know more about the Galactic Senate Programme in general, please take a look at the following thread Overview of the Galactic Senate Programme