SWG Legends news // *No Good To Me Alive!*

*Comm Message Downloaded*
The notorious Bounty Hunter named Boba Fett has been busy hunting deep within the Dathomirian wilderness, this dangerous world poses many dangerous risks to the average adventurer. Not to this Bounty Hunter though, he has accepted a large bounty to hunt down and destroy several native dangerous creatures which are multiplying largely in their numbers across the southern reigion of Dathomir. Even for a highly skilled Bounty Hunter like Boba, navigating successfully through this location poses a real challenge; The Dathomir Tar Pits! Sounds like a sticky situation for him, right? Note: Adventurers should use caution.

You should rendezvous with Boba Fett as he arrives in the Slave I. He will then provide updates to you specifying the desired target to hunt, including the desired quantity to furfill his bounty contract.
Event Type: PvE/RP.
Event Time/Date: Event 1: Friday September 11th, 10PM GMT UK/11PM CEST EU/5PM EST USA/2PM PST USA/4PM CST USA. (A second event will be announced at a later time during the weekend)
Event Start Location: Dathomir Tar Pits, /Waypoint 641 -4817.
Good luck & May the force be with you.