SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Exploring Legends Veteran Rewards*

Happy Friday Legends,
We’re happy for you to join us on another Friday Feature today and this topic is one that we not only hope for you to learn something, but maybe we can learn a little something back from all of you!
Today we’re diving into the Legends Veteran Rewards system (not to be confused with the classic SWG veteran rewards).

Introduction of the Legends Vet Rewards System:

The SWG:Legends Veteran Rewards system was introduced to Omega in December of 2018. Through this expanded veteran reward system, Legends players could go beyond the standard SWG vet rewards of the past acquiring a combination of familiar SWG loots of the past (such as TCG items) AND all new unique rewards that you will only find exclusively here on SWG:Legends that were made by our team.
Creation of the earliest item of the new system (the Mandalorian Speeder) spanned even farther back in 2018, but once live, many of you got your veteran hands on the first step in an even bigger pool of rewards:

How the reward system works:
This reward system functions much like the original where the game actually keeps track of your account’s age throughout your SWG journey with us here on Legends. Once you’ve qualified for a given veteran reward, you might log in and see you have something brand new to claim.
If you’re curious how you can see how many days old your account is, simply use the /getvet command in game and you will be prompted with the number of “Days logged for veteran rewards.” Pictured below is an example of your claim window (which if eligible, you should see on your initial login, but you may also use the /claim command to open your claims if you elect to wait from your initial login) and number of days logged for veteran rewards:
*Reminder!* Make sure just as with the other standard veteran rewards, you claim your Legends veteran rewards wisely! There’s no going back!
As time goes on, more and more new veteran rewards will be added to the system and made available for all of you!

Where you can see all of the current Legends rewards:

In our constant efforts to integrate as much useful information for all of you onto our website, one source of really handy info you can find there you can reach by hovering over the “Legends” tab and locating “Veteran Rewards” on the dropdown menu:
Once you’ve reached the “Veteran Rewards” section, you will be greeted with a page full of login rewards starting all the way back to “30 Days Reward” where you can scroll down to find all the various implemented rewards in the game through this system all the way up to its most current time the SWG:Legends team has released a new reward.
Going through the entire list you can view all of our currently released Legends Veteran Rewards with each given a small description and an in-game image of the reward.
Don’t forget to click on the images to give yourself an enhanced view!
You can view all of this information (and so much more) on the SWG:Legends website! To jump straight over to the “Veteran Rewards” page, you can click the following link RIGHT HERE.
(If anyone would be willing to volunteer any time to update the related article on our wiki, that would be very helpful! You can jump straight to the wiki article on SWG:Legends Rewards in this link.)

We want to hear from YOU!
As we wrap up another Friday Feature, we hope that you were able to learn a little bit about the SWG:Legends rewards system. The team is actively working on so many important areas of the game (including new veteran rewards), and we’re so excited with the direction we’re moving in and so much of what’s in store for everybody here on Legends we can’t wait for you to finally see!
What kind of veteran rewards do YOU hope to one day see in the game? We’d love to hear some of your ideas and give you this forum thread to share your thoughts on new kinds of rewards that might be a nice addition to our galaxy. Let’s hear them!
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team

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