SWG Legends news // A Milestone To Remember: 20 Years of Star Wars Galaxies!

"Your path, you must decide." - Yoda

Double XP is live to celebrate SWG's 20th Anniversary! Happy Birthday, SWG! (This is a double XP event ONLY)
Double XP will conclude on the scheduled restart next Monday, July 3rd! Enjoy the double XP!

[The above item is available to claim on each of your characters all week until July 3rd]

Giveaways / Contests:
We have an incredible series of giveaways in store over the coming MONTH, so please make sure to FOLLOW our social media platforms below, because you don't want to miss what we have in store!

To kick off our series of giveaways, we're starting with arguably the most exciting one you can get in on this year exclusively right here on the forums!

20 years is such a long time! How much have you grown and changed in the last 20 years? Were some of you even born 20 years ago? Star Wars Galaxies hit the shelves way back in 2003, where gaming (heck the whole world) was just at a completely different place with so much technology looking to find its way yet. Everything changed with Star Wars Galaxies. It opened an entire galaxy for you and your friends to explore together into what seemed like at the time, the complete unknown. For this monumental anniversary in SWG history, we're excited to give a piece of that history to one of you in our exclusive forum only Collector's Edition giveaway!
We want to hear from as many of you as possible! Share with us some of your greatest moments and treasured memories of SWG (let us know what server you played on too if you happened to play in the original game)! Did you meet someone special that you're still connected with today? Perhaps it's a guild of friends you still play with? Did you reconnect with somebody here on SWG:Legends? Was there a particular moment in the game that you felt completely enthralled in the game or a time that almost makes you tear up just thinking about how much a sense of wonder it all felt to you when you first played?
We're excited to read your responses and we look forward to picking out 20 of our favorites to send 20 of you SWG:Legends Stickers with a chance that ONE of you will also receive our GRAND PRIZE OF 1x STAR WARS GALAXIES COLLECTOR'S EDITION that contains the following inside:

  • 1x The Art of Star Wars Galaxies Book: From Pencil to Pixels
  • 1x Pewter Zabrak Female Figurine
  • 1x Star Wars Galaxies Patch
  • 1x Star Wars Galaxies Lapel Pin
  • 1x Terms of Use Sheet
  • 1x Earthlink Ad
  • 1x Advertising Insert
  • 1x Copy of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided (3 Discs)
  • 1x Standard Edition of the Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided Adventure Manual (Sorry, it's not the Collector's Edition manual!)
  • 1x Top and Bottom Collector's Edition Box

Winners we will do our best to reveal by July 31st/August 1st!
We sincerely look forward to hearing about each of your unique memories and experiences on SWG from these last 20 years!
As a matter of fact, we have a little something from former SOE Community Manager for Star Wars Galaxies (and current amazing Star Wars writer and author!), Kelly Knox who graciously allowed us to pass along a few words from her to everyone here within our community and to her fellow former staff members who happen to read this:
"20 years ago I was a baby tailor on Kauri who couldn't believe I got to play in the Star Wars galaxy. Eventually SWG became the reason I got to work there, too. I love the game and the community and I'm so happy that there's a home for you out there still. Shoutout to the dev team and the players who made SWG a wonderful experience for so many!" - Kelly Knox

This is a really amazing time to look back and smile on the legacy of Star Wars Galaxies and we're so happy to still be here doing what we do to make Legends one of the places you think of when you think about Star Wars Galaxies today.
Stay tuned throughout the coming days and weeks as we update you on new giveaways and more within this celebration thread!
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team