SWG Legends news // *Remembering Trebor*

Greetings Legends,
It's with great sadness that we share with you all that one of our community members by the name of Trebor has recently passed away in real life. The SWG:Legends community sends all of its strength to Trebor's family, close friends, and to all of you here within the community that had the pleasure of knowing them.
Today we mourn, but we also celebrate you, Trebor.
Trebor's adventures on Legends go all the way back to when Legends first started back in February of 2016. An avid Star Wars fan, Trebor befriended and shared the company of many fellow adventurers throughout his time in Galaxies. Trebor was a rebel at heart, a supporter of the Rebel Alliance, and a resident of Tatooine who built up many collections and experiences over his time playing and shared it with friends and newer players along the way.
Trebor loved Star Wars and loved playing Star Wars Galaxies. Maybe throughout your adventures you may have spotted or even grouped with Trebor yourself in one of his many forms:
  • Trebor- Riordan
  • Agrippa Riordan
  • Rob Riordan
  • Jami Riordan
  • Tommi Riordan

Trebor's passion for Star Wars Galaxies will continue on through all of us and every day we're able to enjoy Star Wars or log in to Star Wars Galaxies, you celebrate a little bit of Trebor's memory and some of what made him happy.

May the Force be with you always @Trebor ,
The SWG:Legends Community
If you have any screenshots or memories of Trebor that you wish to share or simply want to pay respects to Trebor, please feel welcomed to share those in the replies below.