SWG Legends news // 0

The Election Polls have officially opened for the Tenth Galactic Senate, and your candidates eagerly await your votes!
Here are your candidates:
Nominee / Discord Name
Fordaith / fordaith#4362
KandyKane / KandyKane#2293
Vladislaus / Vladislaus#1392
CitizenKane / CitizenKane#1120
EllannaRose / EllannaRose#7031
Sauron Phoenix / Sauron#1864
Sam-2H / sam2h#6196
Melgros / Melgros#9974
SplinterStrike / SplinterStrike#4196
Squashy / squashy#1816
KangXi / QuantumLlamas#0158
PikoTep / pikotep-bbp/rori -2986/-2291#9025
Tawny / Tawny#2998
Shrick / Shrick#0145
Fnslayeroc / Fnslayeroc#0011
Dr-Zoiidberg / Dr-Zoiidberg#4366
Unfortunately Wynton, JackJallo, and Ruthless / Sylana have decided to withdrawal their nominations for the senate.
Remember, everyone only gets ONE VOTE PER ACCOUNT! The character you use to vote will receive a badge, so if you are a badge collector please make sure you use the same character as last year to vote for the badge. Our CSR team will NOT transfer the badge to a different toon.
The polls will remain open until February 21st, 2021.
You can cast your vote IN-GAME at the Galactic Senate Building in Theed, Naboo at -5727, 9, 3981
Good luck to all the candidates!