SWG Legends news // A Moment In Time: The Battle of Restuss

"I am Marles Jacobe of the Corellia Times. I am investigating the military buildup here in Restuss. It has already caused the entire city to be evacuated, displacing thousands of families. And with tensions running high there is sure to be a showdown. What are your thoughts on this whole situation?"
―Marles Jacobe to a spacer

Greetings, Legends!
Our "A Moment In Time" events allow us to do things within the realm of SWG that might not always fit the current timeline of SWG. Maybe you've seen BB-8 rolling around before? Or perhaps even a younger Han Solo? It's entirely possible you could even bump into Rey herself at any of our big celebrations. With this special entry of A Moment In Time though, we're allowing all of you to relive the historical Battle of Restuss much like as it happened back in June of 2006 during live SWG, witnessing Restuss as it was in its former glory and eventually bearing witness to its inevitable destruction that we know it to be now.

This incredible experience will allow you to see it all as it was back in 2006 and as it was back in 2016 for all of our veteran Legends out there who were able to attend the Omega server's first Battle of Restuss. Honoring the unique experience of our first Battle of Restuss back in 2016, we WILL NOT be using the same badges that players acquired at that time who were there for it. Instead, there will be updated versions of all the Battle of Restuss badges available for veterans and newer players alike to acquire!

The purpose of this thread today is to hopefully give you as brief an overview of how the events will unfold and the timeline you can expect to see play out once the switches are flipped (and hopefully give as many of you as much of a reasonably advanced notice as we could so you can attend).

The Timeline:
- The Battle of Restuss (2022) will be a 25 hour long SERVER EVENT.
- SERVER RESET will be happening at approximately 12am PST on Friday, September 2nd.
- Legends Staff will be placing a temporary LOCK on the server once it has loaded, allowing staff to load in first to temporarily hide the Battle of Restuss NPCs that initiate PHASE ONE.
- Once these NPCs are hidden, the lock will be removed and players are welcome to log in as usual. Feel free to venture to Restuss (although there won't be much to do except take some memorable screenshots!)
- It's at THIS TIME, the NPCs in Restuss will be visible and PHASE ONE can officially commence.
- PHASE ONE will end EXACTLY 24 hours after the start time.
- PHASE TWO (The Destruction of Restuss) will immediately BEGIN right after.
- PHASE TWO will last for only ONE HOUR
- PHASE THREE will begin right after and the system will automatically count the score and issue the appropriate badges upon victory/defeat.
- The Battle of Restuss will remain at this phase as normal.

Fear of Missing Out?
We understand that the timing of this event will not work out for everyone. We want to take this time to reiterate to you all that we have the capability to revisit this amazing moment in time again. We aren't sure when that will be, but we assure you that when we do, we will give a little more notice to help increase the chance you don't miss out on the next one.
For all of those who are able to make it, we sincerely hope you enjoy being a witness to this important event in SWG history and have fun!
[Disclaimer] We understand and anticipate that the excitement of this server event will likely dial up some potential lag. All we can ask is that you please be patient and try to do your best to push through some of those likely hurdles. The Legends team will be monitoring the server and the activity in game throughout this process and standing by for your support.
[Disclaimer] The Hand will not be moved while this server event is underway (sorry!).
We encourage all of you to briefly read up on some of the finer details of the different phases of the event by clicking on this link to the SWG:Legends wiki to learn more about The Battle of Restuss.
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team