SWG Legends news // *Play Me A Fool*

Do not correct a fool, or he will hate you; correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you.” - Unknown
Attention, Legends!
The galaxy-renowned toymaker, Dr. Fool, has returned once again after yet another disastrous showing last year of ongoing testing and experimenting to perfect (or so he THINKS) his greatest invention of all time, the glorious Blue Frogs. The wily doctor has (again!) managed to smooth over the “technical glitches” and “user errors” of last year with his peers who have issued the following statement via Holonet News:
“We simply felt that the results, contrary to some, were quite a remarkable success. The good doctor has been working around the clock the past year to make these devices even more user friendly and even added in some new safety features to ensure we can avoid some of these unintended “accidents”. Tested? Sure they have! Who do you think we are?” - The League of Ingenious Experimenting (LIE)

Try Your Local Blue Frog TODAY:
The NEW (ehh..) and IMPROVED (really?) Blue Frog will be available for users to experience themselves within Mos Eisley (3480 -4870), Theed (-4865 4130), and Coronet (-170 -4720) for a limited time! Unlock your potential, live your dream, and make sure you read the instructions closely! (we have those instructions right? Oh brother..)

(pictured above) A Character Builder Terminal aka the Blue Frog

The Recall Needs You:
Dr. Fool has been so busy with the progress of his work on the Blue Frog project, some of his past years' creations have escaped their containment! The Advanced Product Recall Initiative Leaders (APRIL) have requested any brave (crazy) and willing (still crazy) citizens in the galaxy to exercise EXTREME caution when attempting to recall one of these hazardous toys or rogue experiments alone. "Recalling" the following creatures will yield the following in-game titles:
  • Failed Lab Experiment - (Dr. Fool's Lab Assistant)
  • Toy AT-AT - (Toy Recaller)
  • ?????????? - (Dr. Fool's Test Subject)

(pictured above left to right) A Failed Lab Experiment and an AT-AT Toy

Dr. Fool's Demonstrations:
In a more hands on attempt to ensure that things go according to plan, it’s rumored Dr. Fool himself will be making an appearance in some form or fashion at random times throughout the day in one of the local Theater buildings across the galaxy to showcase his ultimate Blue Frog creation. If the gratitude of witnessing sheer genius isn’t enough, there may be a “token” of the Doctor’s appreciation given at the end of each display. So stay tuned for in game announcements!
(pictured above) An empty theater building awaiting potential foolery

Other Strange Happenings:


The fun begins at 12am PST (Wednesday) April 1st and ends at 12am PST (Thursday) April 2nd for a full 24 hours of foolishness.
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team