SWG Legends news // *EFOL 2024 - Legendary Love Story*

"I love you!" "I know" - Leia Organa and Han Solo
Do you play SWG Legends with your significant other? How did your particular journeys bring you together in SWG Legends? Perhaps you even met on Live? No matter how your relationship blossomed and bloomed, Kyoopid, the Festival of Love Sage wants to hear your story!
In the thread below, tell us a little about your relationship with your significant other with how it pertains to playing SWG Legends or Star Wars Galaxies before it. One randomly selected couple will each receive 10 chak hearts, 2 tokens of gratification, and a unique, no-trade, in-game item that is specially named however you desire! Work together, tell your tale, and share your love!
Please, please, please check with your beloved to make sure they agree to take part. You may want to sing to the highest stars about your love, but this is a tale for two and they should consent to their part in the story be told.

Use the following format in your post to be eligible:
  • Your Discord Handle and Character Name: (Put names here)
  • Significant Other Discord Handle, Forum Name, and Character Name: (Put names here)
  • Engraved Message #1: (30 characters max)
  • Engraved Message #2: (30 characters max)

(Your love story here! Be as brief or as verbose as you desire! Love should never be contained! Open your heart and let the galaxy in!)

Each player in the randomly selected couple will receive 10 chak hearts, 2 tokens of gratification, and the two hearts pictured here - "engraved" with your own messages. The items are No Trade because love is eternal!

We look forward to reading all about how you and your beloved get along in the galaxy that we all love together. Have your stories written before the deadline below:
[Note] You may use this helpful time converter to find the correct time for your time zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html