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Staff Handle Name?
What is your position on the Legends Staff?
I am a member of the CSR Team.
What do you do for the project SWG Legends?
As a member of the CSR team, I assist the community with any issues they run into, work the tickets they put in for us, and help to enforce our policies. I also work on our Credit Seller/Exploit Catching team and work to catch those who would do harm to our game!
How did you come to possess these skills, education or self taught?
A little of everything? I had some really solid training when I joined the team over two years ago, and then natural curiosity helped develop that foundation into something more. Educationally and professionally my background is IT, so I am used to staring at computer screens for endless hours and that probably helped too.
Describe your typical day supporting Legends.
Check the tickets, look and see if I have any DMs and get back to those people. Run the activations every few hours or so, and dive into the spreadsheet that is the credit seller research team’s work. It varies from week to week, and even day to day. Mostly just make sure things are left less broken than I find them and maybe fix a thing or two along the way!
What do you think your greatest contribution has been to Legends?
There have been some nasty exploits that we have stumbled on while researching, and I think my greatest contribution was finding those and getting Reign and Geit to fix them.
I recall one that I stumbled on by accident which led to a rabbit hole of patches. I was chasing down a lead on someone I suspected of selling and I discovered them AFK near a chassis dealer. Looking at their inventory, I could see them rapidly selling the same space part for money over and over. They generated a few billion credits in the span of a few hours. Not a single one made it into the game’s economy.
I’m sure Reign clenches a little when my 2am DM slides into his inbox.
What would the other staff at Legends say to this; “Describe Beta.”
Thank you Beta
What they actually said:
I don't often get to do any project work with Beta, so my interactions with him are more on the friendly/social level. But I do like the chance to sing his praises. So here goes: "Beta is a stalwart member of staff. He is helpful, friendly, and keeps the best interests of the project at the forefront of what he does. Thank you, Beta!" - Vincer, Events and Social Media
Beta is a tour de force on the team. He's always willing to help, train, teach, and anything else that is needed from him, on top of everything he does foes the server. Beta is a wonferful person, and a wonderful friend. He deserves every iota of praise he gets and so much more. Thanks Beta. - Muhen, Events and Social Media
Beta has been with the project for a couple years now, and during that time he has put in countless hours assisting the community while striving to make the project a better place. His commitment, tenacity, and light heartedness are perfect examples of why he excels in his roll. I considered him to be my right-hand man, as he is not afraid to step up to any challenge or say if something isn’t right. His sense of humor has no bounds, and he never fails to get a laugh from many staff members. He is a welcome member of this project, and one that I would love to have stick around for many years to come. - Oroti, CSR Team
Beta has always been there for me when I need a "smart folk". When I break things, "Eeek!", Beta rescues me; when I don't understand the how or why, "Wt...?", Beta takes the time to teach me, and when I need a friend, "Hugs!" Beta is there! He is light-hearted, fun to be around and often just hilarious! I cant tell you how much I appreciate his vast knowledge and the support he has shown, not only to me, but to all of us over the years. As always, "Thank you Beta! - Kelkel, CSR Team
Beta and I trained together at the beginning and became a CSR on the same day. He’s a really good CSR as he really cares about the community and I’m glad to be working with him. - MeanKty, CSR Team
Beta has been working with the CSR team for just over three years now, and during this time he has been a great asset to the project's staff team. He has a great love for SWG:Legends, and he is always willing to volunteer for different projects that benefit the community. I look forward to the next three years working with you Beta! - Lokee, Project Admin
What has been the most difficult thing you’ve done supporting Legends?
The work that the entire team does is amazing, and it is humbling. We have some of the most professional and dedicated individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with that have all come together to put their experience and passion into this project - entirely for free. The most difficult thing that I do deals with catching credit sellers. It can be very rough seeing your friends get hurt over the fact that people who contribute nothing are profiting off the work they do for free. On that same note, it is also what drives me to keep up that fight.
Or maybe that one time I had to call Reign for help because I was new to the CSR role and had to help a player fix a bugged out EK run and accidentally broke EK hard enough I crashed all the dungeons. Oops.
How often do you actually get to play SWG?
As a player, not nearly as much as I’d like, but I still try and find time to squeeze out the odd heroic once in awhile, or run some stuff with my friends.
What is your favorite thing to do in game?
Easily that would be decorating. I have my house in Sevmena on Corellia that I am very proud of, as well as my Vigo (who’s name is shamelessly stolen from my favorite show - The Expanse. Points if you can guess it.) that was one of my first deco projects on Legends. The house may be more practical, but I do enjoy the compliments I get for the two minutes or so people are on the Vigo on the way to ISD!
When did you start playing SWG, and describe that experience?
I started playing SWG back in my younger years. I remember seeing the commercials on TV for it, I think right around the time NGE hit. I was a huge star wars fan then, and as soon as I saw the ads I knew I had to play it. I remember choosing Jedi as my class and Zabrak as my race, because who didn’t want to be Darth Maul at some point? I also remember being disappointed I didn’t get my lightsaber right off the bat, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt as good as I did when I got the training saber. Small beans in the world of Today-Me, but it seemed like a big deal back then!

THANK YOU BETA for stepping into the Staff Spotlight this month! We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about him!
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