SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature: Live Events Guide*

Greeting Legends! Welcome to another Friday Feature. For this one, we want to invite you to learn more about the numerous live events that happen throughout the galaxy. We'll show you what types of events you can look forward to, how to get involved, some tips to ensure you get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of them, and where to spend those sweet tokens you'll receive for participation! Read on and read often so that you can become an expert live event attendee!
Table of Contents
  • I. Introduction
  • II. Types of Events
  • III. Staying Informed
  • IV. Being Prepared
  • V. General Rules
  • VI. The Event Itself
  • VII. The Event Ends
  • VIII. Troubleshooting & Support
  • IX. Spending Your Tokens

Live events are a way to bring the community together for any number of challenges and forms of excitement. It's an opportunity to meet others, interact with iconic characters, follow a narrative, or even make an impact on galaxy-wide events.
Live events are organized and executed by the Events Staff. Using server tools, the team can create many different types of events for players to optionally attend. As powerful as these tools are, there constraints on how the events can be planned and performed.
This guide will help you understand how to get involved, how to get the most out of the events, and what you can (and cannot) do.
Live events come in two flavors that are grouped as follows:
  • Scheduled Events - announced in advance, with a set date and time
  • Pop-Up Events - announced just prior to the time, usually only via in-game channels

There are also Player Events run by players such as yourself. The Events team may sometimes be part of the organization or promotion of these but the guide that follows is about the scheduled and pop-up events.
Event Elements
A live event can have one or many different elements that make up the entire event. It might be as simple as a relaxing fishing outing, as complex as a multi-chained hunt, combat and scoring chain of tasks, or even one that spans multiple sessions that build to a final winner.
  • Fishing - Cast your line, reel in the catch, and maybe earn prizes.
  • Racing - Follow waypoints from start to finish. The first to cross the line is the winner.
  • Hunt - Locate someone or something out in the galaxy. One or more hints may be given
  • Tournament/PVP - battle other players within a set of parameters
  • Combat/PVE - battle foes in the open world, defend people or locations
  • Social - gather with others for dancing, storytelling, ballot box openings, and more
  • Performance - perform for - or compete against - other players in talent shows, dance competitions, fashion shows, etc.
  • Trivia - answer questions before others. Spelling counts!
  • Roleplay - immerse yourself into a role and follow a story as it unfolds. Usually combined with other elements to indicate there is a stronger focus on a narrative.
  • Collection - gather items, usually to turn in to an NPC
  • Forum - post creative writings, graphics, or photos for judges to award winners
  • Scoring - earn points for different factions or groups to contribute to an overall, interactive event outcome. This is usually combined with other elements where success there generates a score for a specific group or faction that you represent.

Discord Events
Scheduled events are usually added to the Events section of Discord. The time and date is converted automatically to your local timezone. Click the "Interested" button to be reminded of the event. You may also find links within the event posting to a forum post or other information to help you understand what the event is all about.
Discord Announcements
The announcements channel on Discord may also be used to either announce a scheduled event or, in more rare cases, give notice that an in-game event is set to begin.
Forum Posts
With the exception of truly random pop-ups, events will have a forum post in the Community News that gives more information about the specific workings of the event. Information such as where to go, what to click on, what type of event it is, and more can all be found in the forum posting. You may ask questions there and may even be instructed to post something as part of the event itself.
In-Game Notifications
Stay alert in game! While the scheduled events are usually found in Discord for you to prepare for, live events might also just pop up out of nowhere! These events are announced using a system broadcast which appears across the middle of your screen. Follow the instructions to find where the event will begin.
If knowing if half the battle, the other half contains a big helping of "preparation". To ensure you get the most out of the live event, come prepared!
Visit your favorite entertainer and medic to get the buffs you'll need for the event.
Color Theme / Costumes
Sometimes an event will suggest a color theme - such as red for Life Day or a costume such as clone armor for Order 66 reenactments. If you plan on taking these suggestions, give yourself time before the event to get the gear together. These make for great photo opportunities during the event. Maybe you'll see yourself in some of our featured articles and publications!
Form Groups
Depending on the type of event, you may want to form up groups. It's encouraged! And it's a great way to meet other players and make new friends.
Be On Time
Events begin promptly. If you show up after the posted times, the action may have moved on. Please be on time so that you get all the details.
There are a few standing rules for any event which should always be considered and followed. Unless an event explicitly states otherwise, the following rules are always in effect.
Do Not Enter Off Limit Areas
Certain areas are intended to clearly separate out active participants, queued participants, organizers and/or spectators. These are might be very obvious such as walls/gates or might be areas such as an arena floor, central stage or the theater stage. We can accept if someone makes a wrong turn but repeated offenses or obvious attempts to disrupt the flow of the event will be addressed
Do Not Collect Player Bounties
During competitive events, do NOT disrupt the action by attempting to collect player bounties on the participants. Even if the event does not explicitly forbid such actions, err on the side of caution and wait for the conclusion of the event. Failure to obey this rule may result in an infraction as it disrupts an event. Assume that this rule is in place unless stated otherwise.
Keep Your Vehicles/Mounts Stored
Unless it's time to move out - on a race, hunt or when any travel is needed - we ask that you keep your vehicles and mounts stored.
Mind Your Droids or Creature Companions/Pets
We understand that droids or creatures can be part of your characters build. They are permitted to be deployed but please do not do so in such a way that it will disrupt others or block their view.
Do Not Give False Information/Mislead Others
Events can be chaotic! Information, foes and blaster bolts come at a rapid fire pace. Even the most alert player might miss some key information or get confused. Event organizers will do their best to keep everyone informed and on the right path. Please do not give out false information to - or mislead - others during events.
Do Not Crowd NPCs / Quest Givers
If there are NPCs or other quest givers involved in the event, please do not crowd over top of them or otherwise block them from other players.
Do Not Spam
Don't spam. Simple. Easy to remember.
Obey the Server Rules
As a reminder, disrupting live events can lead to an infraction. Read our Infraction Guidelines about Disruptive Behavior.
And as always, you should obey the Code of Conduct in all situations while on Legends.
Introduction and Instructions
While waiting for the event to begin, notifications may be sent out to update you on any last minute changes, reminders or other instructions which will help you enjoy the event.
This is important! NPCs may speak directly in spatial OR you may see instructions coming over the system broadcast. These instructions will tell you where to go, what to do, how long you have to do it, and more.
Standing in Place / Going AFK
An event may not end where it begins. And that means the rewards may be given out at a different location than where it started. If you are the type to show up to an event and stand there in hopes of getting the rewards without any participation, you may be disappointed.
Being AFK in general at a live event puts your character in great danger during combat-oriented events. In short, pay attention and be present if you can.
Use of Shuttle Camps, ITVs and Similar Systems
For events that require you to go to one or more places, you may use shuttle camps if the planet allows it. The events team may even drop them down if the event needs players to get a location expediently. Of course, some events will NOT allow shuttle camps, such as races.
Do not use shuttle camps, ITVs, Flight of the Veteran or similar instant-travel systems for a competitive edge, as this will be seen as cheating and will disqualify you from any rewards.
In addition to the standard "no macro" zones in the galaxy, certain events may either ask that macros not be used or even be configured as a temporary "no macro" zone. The type and rules of the event will determine if macros are - or are not - allowed. Please respect the rule or it will result in a disqualification or even be seen as a disruptive behavior subject to an infraction.
When the event comes to a close, there is usually an announcement. Pay attention to the information as they may direct you to a rally point where the rewards will be given.
Live event rewards are usually one or two tokens of gratification and a live event badge. The badges are either for the particular server event - such as Galactic Moon Festival - or a standard live event badge when it happens outside of a server event. If your character had previously received the badge, you are not eligible for another.
Multiple Characters
Legends permits you to have up to 3 characters logged in concurrently. If more than one of your characters are present at the rewards site, the server will randomly choose only one to receive the token. As these are "No Trade Shared", you may transfer the token to whichever character you please; even to one that was not present.
Anytime a large group of players gathers, there is a potential for server lag. That possibility increases when the blaster bolts start to fly and lightsabers get to twirling. All of this activity can also lead to client-side lag, especially if graphical options and effects are turned up.
We suggest turning DOWN as many graphic settings as possible to reduce down the load on your client. On our side, we have tools to improve the speed of the zone, but even that has a limitation when large groups gather.
Our intention for all events is that they run smoothly and are enjoyable for everyone. But sometimes, the technology does not allow for that. We ask for your patience and understanding.
Missing Token or Badge
If you did not receive a badge, first check that you did not already have it from a previous event or year. If you did not receive your token, check to see if you had any alts in the area which may have received it instead.
If you are certain that you did not receive the rewards AND you were present at the location where rewards were given, you can raise a support ticket to let us know. We strongly urge you to take screencaps to prove that your character was present at the time and place of the reward grants. If you are unable to show this evidence, we cannot generate the token or badge unfortunately.
The tokens you receive from attending live events are No Trade Shared, but can also be added to your Box of Achievements. These tokens are our way of showing our appreciation for attending the events.
But these are more than just tokens to admire! Your tokens of gratification can be spent on exciting prizes! Learn all about the Token of Gratification vendor here.

We hope this guide helps you get the most enjoyment and success out of our live events program! If you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to let us know in the comments below.
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