SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Memories of the Past - A Galaxy United*

Happy New Year, Legends!
As of the release of this Friday Feature (the first one of 2022), we stand ready to face the challenges ahead in the upcoming year; ready to take on an entirely fresh journey. Here we are almost SIX YEARS into the adventure that is SWG:Legends. We've celebrated milestones, paid our respects to the lost, and now today we're going to honor another important part of the galaxy that's been involved in at least one era or iteration of the galaxy. Who could that be you might ask? Why YOU of course!
For this Friday Feature, we're looking at the Galaxy Origin Device and looking back on the many galaxies that made up SWG. In the early days of Star Wars Galaxies, there were so many galaxies (servers) that players called home. Each of these galaxies made up players like you that covered a wide variety of classes and a wide variety of guilds and player cities. Over time, SWG had to say goodbye to some of these servers and thus, the first of the free server transfers began in September of 2009.
By October 15, 2009, the 12 servers that consisted of Corbantis, Europe-Infinity, Intrepid, Kauri, Kettemoor, Lowca, Naritus, Scylla, Tarquinas, Tempest, Valcyn and Wanderhome were closed for good with many guilds and players separating to become part of new communities across the remaining 13 servers.
Although those worlds came to an end first, eventually so did the remaining 13 servers when Star Wars Galaxies shut down on December 15th, 2011. Many of us playing SWG:Legends today remember our original home(s), our old friends, old guilds, cities. The influence of these people and places still have an impact on us today. They're gone, but never ever to be forgotten.
Across this entire Legends community, we all remember each one of the 25 US/EU servers as well as the Japanese servers Harla and Katana. Using the Galaxy Origin Device (issued to you with your 10 day veteran rewards), you can continue your journey today and still show your loyalty and represent one of those mentioned lost galaxies by bearing an in-game title.

After selecting which server you wish to use your Galaxy Origin Device on, you will be issued 4 titles that show your character is "From" "Born on" "Fugitive From" or a "Traveler from" one of the given server names on the list.
We like to think that the community here on Legends is made up of a little of the very best of each of these closed servers from back during live. The Omega server is the ultimate melting pot of veteran players and brand new ones. Maybe you DIDN'T come from another server. Maybe Omega is the only place you've ever known. Whether you're here to "relive the saga" or it's your first time to "experience the greatest story ever told", we're all here together now. Our paths have crossed in this galaxy that we each share, that we each carry on for a lost galaxy, lost guilds, lost friends, or even a lost opportunity to try SWG when it was live.

As a remembrance of our lost homes and as a symbol of our shared experience here on Omega, we've introduced our Omega Galaxy painting. This painting is similar to the character transfer item that players received when they left one of the original 12 servers that were first closed back in October of 2009. Each galaxy had a differently named plaque and different colored frame. Our Omega Galaxy painting gives you the chance to recolor your painting however you see fit.
Kiepaas (our Token of Gratification vendor located near the cantina in Vreni Island) will be forever offering a familiar painting that you can hoist proudly in your homes to celebrate this galaxy while still paying homage to the galaxies lost.
This painting is a permanent addition to the vendor and costs 5 Tokens of Gratification (and is tradable) for those looking to acquire one!

As we conclude this Friday Feature, we want to extend our deepest respects to our gone but not forgotten galaxies. So much of them make up this grand community. Whether you were born on Omega or "reborn" on Omega, we're all in this together and we wouldn't have it any other way. Where did you call home originally?
If you haven't already, there's a fantastic longstanding thread for new community members to introduce themselves and let us know where they're from. It might be a great way to reconnect with friends and old community members!
So let's hear it..! What server are YOU from?
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team

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