SWG Legends news // *Remembering Madgoose*

Greetings Legends,
We can never put into words how much this project means to all of us and how it’s all of YOU out there that makes this endeavor always so enjoyable. Each and every one of us share a light that together makes this community shine so brightly and will continue doing so. It’s with a heavy heart we share that our fellow community member, Madgoose, has passed away in real life. Some of you may or may not have had the pleasure of knowing Madgoose, but we hope that together, as a community, we can reflect and rejoice with the memories that he left some of us when he was alive and always remind the rest of us that although we may not all know one another and we may share some pretty big differences, but that we always share a lot of similarities, such as our love and passion for Star Wars along with the friendships and communities within it. Please join us as we pay tribute.
Madgoose like so many of us, was a huge fan of Star Wars. When SWG was live, he played on the Flurry server and thoroughly enjoyed everything the Star Wars Galaxies experience could offer, whether it be combat, crafting, space, or enjoying the cantina as an entertainer. During the Pre-Cu, he played notably as a Teras Kasi Master, a Swordsman, Doctor, and Elder Jedi. His favorite planets in the game were Talus and Naboo. Guilds that he was part of and served as leader included WAR and Hunt on the Flurry server where he continuously demonstrated friendliness as well as a willingness to help guildies and friends.
Many of his friendships continued here on SWG:Legends when he joined our community way back in 2016, as did some of his old hobbies he was able to enjoy all over again, such as decorating. A known pack rat, he really enjoyed using his homes as a blank canvas to create and makeover all of his houses. Here on Omega, he was the longtime Mayor of the city Atlantea on Talus and led the guild Hunt (formerly known as Drak) and continued where he left off recreating a familiar journey in a new, yet also still familiar place like the rest of us, and he spent almost 3 years doing it.
It may feel like we’re shining a little less right now without Madgoose, but we’ve ensured that his light will never be dimmed or extinguished as you can now find a memorial to this wonderful wookiee within the game that we hope all of you can find time to visit and pay your respects to.
The in game memorial is located in Theed at /way -5179 4631 naboo.
May the force be with you always Madgoose,
The SWG:Legends Team
If anyone wants to share well wishes or memories/experiences about Madgoose, we encourage you to share those in the replies below.
Pictured above: One of the very last screenshots taken of Madgoose in game. In front of his Cantina.