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Greetings Legends!
We would like to share some of the statistical data that was collected during the Ninth Galactic Senate. We will include the attendance data, as well as a record of the Senate Resolutions that were brought for debate, the Senator that presented them, a record of each Senator's vote, and the current status of the Resolution with the Staff.
The chart below shows the attendance data for the Ninth Galactic Senate. As a note, there was no data from the September 2020 meeting, and the February 2021 meeting data will be updated after the final meeting.
This chart is the record of the Resolutions, Voting, and current status of each resolution for the Ninth Galactic Senate. If you are having trouble viewing the image, you can "right click" on the chart, then select "open in new tab." Once it is open, you can zoom in. This will make it much easier to decipher the data.
This chart will also be updated after the final Resolutions have been debated and voted upon.
We would like to note that Creen had a real life situation come up that has prevented him from being able to participate.
Thank you for allowing us to share this data with you, and as always: May the Force be with You.