SWG Legends news // *The Pumpkin Predicament*

The Galactic Moon Festival festivities are underway! Organizers have worked far beyond the witching hours to ensure the spookiest holiday the galaxy has ever seen! But misfortune has risen and is wreaking havoc on the eve of the celebration! Several Sith-O-Lanterns have been stolen right from the haunted mansion on Kashyyyk!
Surely someone must know what has become of the ghoulish gourds!

When: Various times throughout the Galactic Moon Festival
How: Announced via in-game message and Discord
Prizes: 1 Token of Gratification, GMF Live Event Badge, 100 Galactic Moon Festival Coins
Special Honor: Character Name "carved" on a pumpkin that is displayed outside the GMF Haunted House
Wait for clues to be given in-game then seek out the sith-o-lantern on the planet(s) noted in the clue. The following conditions should help you:
  • The pumpkin is NOT in an NPC city OR a player city
  • The pumpkin IS outside
  • The pumpkin has NO name

Once you find the pumpkin, take a screencap of yourself next to it. Make sure your character name is turned on over your head and clearly visible in the picture. Upload it to an image hosting site, such as https://imgur.com/. Respond to this thread with the link to the picture. The first one to do so will win the prizes!
The first player to do so will win! The pumpkin will then be returned to the haunted house where your name will be "carved" onto it for the duration of the event!
A member of the Events Staff will contact the winner in order to grant the prizes.