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Ghostship Haunts Space Lanes
Vani Korr, Corellian Times

Sometimes in space there are odd phenomenon that defy our understanding. Deep Spacers on long haul craft tell tales about Angels and things that lurk in the gaseous nebula's in the Outer Rim. What does really lie...beyond the Outer Rim?

Closer to home we have received reports of a ghostly fighter up there in the places between the stars. Whether hero or terrorist depends on your side of the Galactic Civil War, but certainly Imperial Forces are learning what side the Ghost is on.

This reporter is well informed by a merchant marine Captain who happened to be skirting the edge of an altercation in the Tatoo system between forces of the Empire and that group calling itself 'The Alliance"; watched as this Ghost arrived on the scene, dropping out of hyperspace into the thick of a furball, blasting away at one of the Emperor's new Defender class fighters and consequently destroying it before the pilot even realized his danger.

The Captain reports that the ship was very small and exceedingly fast.

"Right after it made its intial run and destroyed the Defender, it vanished, like a ghost!" exclaimed the Marine Captain.

This Reporter attempted to contact Imperial Naval Command for verification and they declined to comment or give numbers of Imperial Pilots lost.

Other, (possibly more reliable) sources are giving good odds betting that the Ghost reaches thirty kills by the end of the cycle.