SWG Legends news // Anniversary Update 2019

With the next restart Anniversary Update '19 will be pushed onto Omega.
Legends 3 Year Anniversary
  • This anniversary brings a new SERVER FIRST collection.
  • Legends Anniversary Dispensers have been brought back for the anniversary.
  • Double everything weekend (except heroic tokens) has been enabled and will last until Monday March 4th.
  • For 1 week only, all characters are eligible to claim new anniversary fireworks. Use /claim!
  • New anniversary paintings have been added to the dispensers.
  • New anniversary badge has been added to the dispensers.

Love Day 2019 Hotfix 2
  • Veilen's matchmaking badge is now properly named.
  • The Flying Ewok Target Dummy, Greeter, and Vendor contract are now tradeable.
  • Fixed Flying Ewok Vendor skillmod failing to increase with more than one contract.
  • Fixed Flying Ewok Vendor skillmod broken string.

  • Fixed bounty hunter probot Droid broken string.
  • Fixed typo in GCW 2 space badges.
  • Fixed typo in Legends Anniversary painting descriptions.
  • Veteran Rewards for month 2 & 3 are now tradeable.
  • Players who found Kyoopid last year but never received the badge should now receive the badge upon login.