SWG Legends news // *A Moment In Time - A Roll Of The Dice*

Greetings, Legends!
A familiar BB model has been appearing in remote locations across the galaxy being chased by numerous enemy droids, criminals, and even the Empire itself. This BB droid carries something pretty valuable to the would-be villains chasing after it. What? We don't know, but sympathizers of the droid's mission have been reluctant to help for fear of reprisals from enemy forces in the given locations it shows up in, but those truly loyal have offered temporary safe haven all over town. Cities are temporarily being placed on lockdown while threats of hostility linger.
  • All throughout (Saturday, February 27th to Sunday, March 14th), BB-8 will be in hiding within one of three locations in the galaxy (Theed, Coronet, or Mos Entha)
  • Enemy combatants will also appear sporadically searching for BB-8, and you must help deter them.
  • Each wave defeated will allow our favorite roly droid the chance to come out of hiding temporarily to thank some of the lucky heroes that find BB-8 with a small cache of junk loot before he vanishes again to hide in a new spot before more enemies arrive!
  • Once all enemy waves have been defeated, you will just need to provide a short escort for BB-8 to a nearby awaiting shuttle that will help ensure the droid's escape!

Event Type: PvE
Event Date: (Randomly in-game) Saturday, February 27th - Sunday, March 14th
Event Time: (Randomly in-game) We will do our very best to ensure that at least one event is done at NA/UK/AU friendly times.
Event Location(s): Theed (Naboo), Coronet (Corellia), Mos Entha (Tatooine)
[In-game announcements will be issued prior to the kickoff of each event to allow players in game the chance to attend as well as spread word to your friends and guild mates.]
*disclaimer* We completely understand it can be frustrating for some of our community members to attend these more randomly occurring events, but we hope you all can understand that we try to do this in part to help ensure that we have as minimal lag issues as possible when we do run these events and that those in attendance can enjoy, also in part to be a little more loose with each of our real life schedules.
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team