SWG Legends news // *Community Update - May 4th!*

Greetings Legends,
Star Wars Day is fast approaching and as we've previously shared in our last issue of the project newsletter, we shared that we would be taking the celebrations to the clouds!
This May the Fourth is a very special Star Wars Day for us here at SWG:Legends as it also commemorates the ONE YEAR anniversary of the release of our unofficial SWG expansion, Bespin: The City in the Clouds.
We plan to make it a very exciting week full of giveaways, in-game events, a commemorative in-game item to celebrate the occasion, and much more to make this celebration one to remember! Something else that we didn't want to forget about and give you all a heads up about with this upcoming celebration week:
That's right! What would an exciting time like May the Fourth and an anniversary celebration be without DOUBLE XP?! Log in starting MONDAY, May 2nd through THURSDAY, May 5th to enjoy the perks of DOUBLE XP!.... Okay, so right about now you might be wondering "Why on earth is it only active Monday through Thursday? What gives?" Well that leads to another exciting heads up we wanted to give coming right up after that..
Just when you thought it was over, there's even MORE! Starting on FRIDAY, May 6th, log on through the whole weekend until MONDAY, May 9th to DOUBLE THE FUN even more with the following:
  • Double TOKENS!
  • Double GCW
  • Double Restuss Commendations
  • Double Resource Extraction Rates
  • Continuation of DOUBLE XP (Combat XP, Space XP, Crafting XP, Entertainer XP, Chronicler XP, Pet XP)


Double XP will be available next Monday (May 2nd) to Thursday (May 5th).
Double "EVERYTHING" will begin on Friday (May 6th) and last through the weekend until Monday (May 9th).

May the Fourth be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team