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Main Character Name:
Traynu Asog
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I am the guild pilot leader and mass discord-tagger for UMBRA.
Where in the RL world do you live?
I live in sunny Dorset, south United Kingdom. The coast with the most!
How long did you play the live version of Star Wars Galaxies?
Tricky one to answer, I think 2005 until close. I was in my early teens when I started so it's a bit of a blur!
What type of work do you do?
I am a software developer that has the pleasure of "working" from home.
What does a typical Star Wars Galaxies day consist of for you?
Before I log into SWG I'll usually be in discord answering space related questions through my DMs. I'd then log in my trader, hoping to hear the ding of an email telling me that I've sold a valuable space part. With that usual disappointment out the way I'll then jump onto one of my space mains and begin running some content - I'll usually try and attend some of the PvP space invasions, maybe a Bespin Distress Beacon or two before chasing it all down with a few Convoys. Chances are I'll also sprinkle in building a loadout for someone. I've also recently kickstarted my dusty weaponsmith.
What was the race and profession of your very first character?
My very first character? It was a Twi'Lek entertainer. I was introduced to this game via some friends I had on an old Elder Scrolls forum and they ended up taking me to a very bizarre eRP club. Needless to say it was pretty eye opening and I was hooked to the game immediately. I ended up subscribing and making a Sullustan Bounty Hunter.
What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to be in Star Wars Galaxies that isn’t or is no longer?
I would love, love, love to see the Corvettes flyable - I don't care what limitations are put in place, I just want to fly one. They're such iconic ships and ever since I saw one, I knew I had to have it.
What other hobbies or activities do you take part in, other than playing Star Wars Galaxies?
I am a keen hiker, I've managed to complete the three peaks challenge here in the UK as well as a tour of the Himalaya. I'm very passionate about miniature wargaming and will usually come last in a few tournaments every year. Aside from that, my biggest passion is being a dad to my 3 year old daughter.
What race and profession is your main character?
Traynu is a Sullustan Officer, of course - In reality he's more of a Sullustan Neutral Ace Pilot.
What do you like most about the profession you have chosen for your main character?
Officer is just such a potent class - I like to run a hybrid between Melee and Ranged. Crippling Vortex is just the best thing in the world and then following it up with a Superior Firepower nuke is very satisfying. I find having to switch between both weapons to be very engaging and much more interesting than using a single weapon type.
What faction is your main character?
Imperial! Papa palps is the best.
What is your favorite player owned ship?
The TIE Bomber, 4 months ago I would've said the Scyk but since I decided to try the TIE Bomber out I've learnt so much about flying. A close second is my Vigo Gunboat, a lot of great memories and experiences have been made leading a full crew in pvp.
What is your favorite ground vehicle?
The Flash Speeder - It's always there for you when you need it and it's pretty flashy.
How did you choose your main character's name?
That Elder Scrolls forum I mentioned earlier was a roleplay forum and I had a farmer character who I named Traynu. He was a big, burly and incredibly stupid Bounty Hunter and so seemed to fit me blundering my way through the Bounty Hunter profession on SWG.
What is your favorite planet and/or city and why?
My favourite space zone is Yavin, it's so beautiful and is absolutely bursting with colour. For ground, my favourite city is probably Mos Entha. They really played around with little deviations in height and created some small garden and restaurant areas.
What is your favorite NPC?
Kash Nunes! No one really knows what he does with all those duty tokens, nor do we know where he's keeping all those space parts but those aren't the sorts of questions we ask our benevolent overlord. He's an absolute one man army whose addiction to duty tokens is funding my own space addiction. Thanks for everything and nothing Kashy baby.
What are the most credits you have ever spent on purchasing a single item for one of your characters?
We're probably looking about just shy of 100 million credits for a single space part, which admittedly is small fry for other pilots so ask me again in 12 months and I'll hopefully have broken that record.
What do you like best about SWG Legends?
Would it be cheesy to say the community? Probably but oh well. I've absolutely loved getting involved in running space events for SWG Legends. There's a real desire to prop each other up and create the best experience for everyone and the support I've had from every corner of the community with my events has been really inspirational. The true sandbox experience is unrivaled and when you have the player base that we have, anything is possible.
Describe your best experience playing Star Wars Galaxies.
It was probably running the last space pvp event I ran, Search & Destroy. I was incredibly anxious about it as I had convinced myself that only a handful of people would turn up. I'd spent weeks engaging with people and had even become targeted by discord where I had to prove I wasn't a robot every time I sent someone a DM. However within minutes, we had a record number of participants waiting and eager to go. It ended up smashing my expectations and as I coordinated the Imperial side, there was a huge sense of elation at what we were achieving together.
What is your favorite questline and/or place within Star Wars Galaxies and why?
Deep Space for sure. I still remember seeing that Star Destroyer for the first time and my jaw dropped. During my time playing SWG, I've put in a huge number of hours within that arena; met some phenomenal individuals, had some incredibly tense fights and I've learnt a lot. I can't wait to get back in there.
Thank you Craig for sharing your story and telling your tales in the Player Spotlight! It was wonderful to get to know more about you and how you get along with SWG Legends! We are sure everyone reading shares that same sentiment!
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