SWG Legends news // May 2020 Development Update

The May 2020 Development Update has been pushed to Omega!!!!
With this update, we have enabled the Hoth Hologram as a publish gift in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back!
Avatar Hardmode
The Blackscale Avatar Station has been upgraded to new endgame difficulty. If you have done the Avatar Run before and earned the badge, you are eligable to try this new Hardmode version.
Changes done to the instance:
  • The Avatar Platform (Hardmode) is now listed as a Heroic instance and can be run once every day
  • The whole instance has been upgraded to group content level
  • All NPCs have been upgraded and given buffs and special attacks
  • The bosses in the instance will have new combat mechanisms
  • An optional fourth boss has been added
  • The loot boxes have been upgraded too to provide a challenge to the group
  • All NPCs have many new items as loot, including heroic level augmentations and enhancements
  • Each player needs to accept 2 quests before starting the heroic run: Talk to Hssissk Bloodscale (at 516 426 Kashyyyk) to get the 'Assault on Avatar (Hardmode)' quest. Then talk to Marium Valmont near the Kachirho Tree (-578 -68 Kashyyyk) for the 'Avatar Run (Hardmode)' quest. Marium Valmont will send you to the instance once you are ready to go. Happy hunting!

Stay tuned for more Information on this new Instance!
GCW PVP Flashpoints
Various locations on the planets have been marked as "GCW PvP Flashpoints".
Every hour one of these locations will be enabled for 45 minutes and will give GCW points and new Flashpoint Tokens for every PvP kill.
Near the locations Rebel and Imperial camps will spawn as bases of operations. You can instantly travel to these camps with the new /gcwFlashpointStatus command.
You are not automatically flagged for PvP when you enter one of this zones, you will have to do this manually to show your willingness to participate in the killing. The delay for declaring is only 3 seconds, so be prepared to fight when you declare within the Flashpoint!
With the new Flashpoint Token we also have new vendors set up in Aurillia (Dathomir) with new rewards:
a Rebel Desert Soldier (Flashpoint Vendor) /way 5348 -4155 dathomir
an Imperial Shoretrooper (Flashpoint Vendor) /way 5263 -4134 dathomir
  • New weapons and armor sets
  • TCG buff item, TCG house, TCG speeder, TCG ITV item

Check the Forum within the next week for additional Information on this new feature!
Senate Resolutions
  • Schematics for invisible Appearance Tab Shirt and Appearance Tab Boots have been added
  • The menu option to destroy structures has been changed to "Destroy or Redeed Structure"
  • The daily COMPNOR Bonus XP limit has been increased from 10 to 15 missions
  • Augmentations and enhancements are showing their stats in their name
  • Technical Furniture containers bought from the recruiters can be renamed
  • Entertainer holograms have their lifetime extended to 3 hours and can be renewed while Skill Animating via their radial menu
  • The combatant requirement to equip some factional items has been removed
  • Rancor Aid, Ahrisa, Ithorian Mist and Veron Berry Wine have been changed to have an increased duration
  • The Scyk Style 3 has been added (also Heavy Scyk variants for Style 2 and 3 have been added)
  • Looted Bounty Hunter arm pieces have "Left" and "Right" added to their name

  • The Housecleaning Kit should no longer become stuck on structures.
  • Storyteller items inside structures within city limits are receiving the increased City duration as well as the City Specialization Bonus. Previously, only Storyteller items outside of structures could receive these bonuses.
  • Repeatedly using "Droid - Droideka Shield" will no longer leave you unable to do damage/use abilities while the shield is active.

QoL Updates
  • The Reverse Engineering Tool can no longer be destroyed if it contains items
  • Some nobuild areas have been added to certain POIs
  • For the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, we have added a couple of goodies to celebrate the occasion

Thank you all for your continuous support of our Project! Nothing would happen without your loyalty and trust.
May the Force be with you, always!
- SWG:Legends Team