SWG Legends news // Extended Downtime - Server Maintenance - 01/11/20

Greetings Legends,
We'd like to take this time to update you about our server.
Omega will be taken offline January 11th, 2020 at 7:30AM GMT UK/2:30AM EST/11:30PM PST (Jan 10th) for server hardware maintenance. We have no ETA on when the server will be back online.
Since November, players have reported higher ping activity than normal when reviewing their network activity in-game, along with random spikes of packet loss and severe latency issues.
At the same time, Elour and I noticed CPU usage across all Omega server boxes coming up to about 95% with normal game activity, and hitting 100% on boxes that experienced higher game activity, such as in Restuss. The admins made a decision to invest in another box to help combat both the high CPU usage and latency issues. While this helped reduce our CPU usage greatly, latency issues still appeared.
Elour and I have been in communication with our server host for several weeks now going over this issue and trying to come to a resolution.
Recently, we've had two extended downtime sessions while development performed maintenance on the servers. During these maintenance sessions, we ran stress tests on our hardware and submitted the results to our server host for further inspection. We also moved all of our Connection Servers to work off of the new server box purchased back in November. This move has since helped bring ping activity back to normal levels. However, there are still various ping spikes that occur that we are working to diminish.
After further communication with our server host, they agreed to do an "intervention" during our server downtime.
We have been and are continuing to work with our server host in order to ensure you all can play without any further ping spikes or latency issues.
We will provide more information to you as we hear it from our server host.
Thank you for your patience.
-SWG:Legends Staff