SWG Legends news // SWG Legends: Player Spotlight: Vayman

Main Character Name:
Vincer Kaden
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V Mart
Where in the RL world do you live?
New Jersey, United States
How long did you play the live version of Star Wars Galaxies?
I played from Beta as an invitee to the final year.
What type of work do you do?
I am an IT Control Officer for an investment bank.
What does a typical Star Wars Galaxies day consist of for you?
I start by restocking vendor sales. You might not think it but furniture and clothing sales happen by the dozens every day! Pet food, too! I then check out the various channels to catch up on resource spawns (and the sad despawns). After that, the sky's the limit. I might run some quests, gather DNA, work on collections, or browse for some good deals on the market. There's alway something to do!
What was the race and profession of your very first character?
I was a human Scout which opened up many avenues, most of all Creature Handler.
What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to be in Star Wars Galaxies that isn’t or is no longer?
I'll say pre-NGE Jedi. I was nearly through the Village when the NGE landed.
What other hobbies or activities do you take part in, other than playing Star Wars Galaxies?
I am into fitness and weight training to keep in shape. I also enjoy playing tabletop roleplaying games, cheering on my Philly sports teams, playing/learning music, and watching movies, especially Marvel.
What race and profession is your main character?
Vincer is a human Beast Master/Medic.
What do you like most about the profession you have chosen for your main character?
There are just so many options with being a BM. Each pet is different. I feel like if I can keep my wits while managing my medic skills, I can take on just about anything with my pets.
What faction is your main character?
Rebel Alliance on the ground and in space.
What is your favourite player owned ship?
The ARC 170 is easily my favorite because of how it looks.
What is your favourite ground vehicle?
The Flash Speeder is the only way to ride in style. However, I avoid going near a Tulrus after a fresh coat of paint.
How did you choose your main character's name?
I made up "Vincer Kaden" for a Star Wars tabletop RPG years ago. I sounded out a few names and this one flowed. I like it because it sounds almost like a real name but still feels "sci-fi" like.
What is your favourite planet and/or city and why?
Theed is positively my favorite city. It looks so different from all other cities, from the staport to the med center to the Queen's Palace. It was the first city I landed in for beta and it never ceases to amaze me. But as planets go, Dantooine is my favorite because of all of the little details that I randomly come across while looking for harvester spots.
What is your favourite NPC?
Jabba the Hutt. Now here’s a guy that's in charge! He’s not just standing there eager to give you a quest like everyone else. You have to work for the right to do his bidding! Other NPCs could learn a lot from Jabba.
What are the most credits you have ever spent on purchasing a single item for one of your characters?
I recently dropped 85 million on an Acklay. She and I have already gone on a lot of adventures in the short time I’ve had her.
What do you like best about SWG Legends?
Legends makes me forget that SWG even closed down at all. Except for the years between, it's a continuation of the original game, evolving beyond even what SOE had running. It's more than just a nostalgia trip: Legends is an evolving game in its own right!
Describe your best experience playing Star Wars Galaxies.
There are so many. Today, I'll go with this one since I think it captures the early wonder and excitement of Star Wars Galaxies.
It was a time before speeders, instant travel, mounts and POIs in your datapad. SWG was only a few days old; enormous and unexplored. One of my in-game friends had been given a waypoint to a Rebel Base. We had no idea if it was real or not. You see, it was also a time before wiki pages and walkthroughs. We were, all of us, pioneers.
We agreed on a time, gathered others, and set off in a column; each following the person in front. We avoided hostile creatures and NPCs because we didn’t want even one of us to end up at the cloners.
The journey seemed to take forever. Each step was filled with doubt but hope. When we crested the final peak to see the Rebel Base, it was an exhilarating feeling! All our efforts built purely on speculation and teamwork had paid off! We ran around like kids in a candy store!
It’s a fond memory; one that I think typifies all the good that SWG was designed to deliver.
What is your favourite questline and/or place within Star Wars Galaxies and why?
The Jabba questline is always my favorite. The location is as iconic as the characters you find within. While running back to turn in a quest, it's hard not to admire the palace rising up in the distance. It's even harder not to take a screencap if the twin suns are setting behind it! Man, that Jabba has got the life.
Thank you for letting us get to know a bit more about you this month!
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