SWG Legends news // *Night Of The Pale Ghost*

“He was described either as a monstrous pale ghost or as a man shrouded in a dark cloak, with sickly yellow eyes, a hooked nose, sharp teeth and long nails. The latter depiction shared many similarities with the appearance of the Galactic Emperor Palpatine.” - A description of Lord Nyax
Beware Legends,
Strange happenings are occurring on Corellia again. Remnants of the Cult Of Nyax have abandoned trying to abduct townspeople to fill their ranks after being stopped at the last Moon Festival. Desperation is setting in after their leader, who carried the mantle of Lord Nyax, was recently slain. The cult’s mission now involves taking the recently fallen leader’s body to perform a dark ritual attempting to summon the spirit of Nyax itself. Be ready to face the Cult of Nyax head on as they prepare to throw their full force at those who would interfere with their plans to wake an ancient evil this Galactic Moon Festival.
Over the course of the GMF, festival goers will be alerted to the planet Corellia to witness and try to stop the Cult of Nyax as they proceed to summon the ethereal spirit of Nyax.
Event Type: PvE/RP
Event Date/Time: All throughout the GMF (randomly timed)
Event Location: Vreni Island
May the courage be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team