SWG Legends news // May 2023 Galactic Homeshow Winner!

Hello Legends! We are excited to announce that a winner for the latest Galactic Homeshow has been determined! The competition is always fierce, and this month is no exception!
The judges visited each of the May 2023 Galactic Homeshow entrants and marveled at what was seen. In total, there were X structures submitted. Some were first time entrants while others were encore presentations for another chance at the big prize. Unfortunately, there can be only one winner, which our judges had the difficult task of determining. And so...
Congratulations go out to @paulcarlob for being deemed the winner with A.M.O.M.A.! The AMOMA is a returning entry, and is such an absolute powerhouse of one. @paulcarlob hasn't just made a showcase of items, they have made a showcase of their own art created within the game itself. The screenshots below leave out a good number of the creations, as well as do not have any names. We highly suggest checking it out for yourself
@paulcarlob - be sure to reach out to a member of the Event Staff (Vincer, Muhen, Cristina or Walmahrt) to claim your prizes!

You'll certainly want to view this one in person at -2945 758 (Naboo). Until you get a chance to head that way, why not have a look just a few pictures that we took of the winning site!

If you would like to see all of the entries from this latest contest, check out the submission thread found RIGHT HERE!
As always, we are super thankful for all the entrants! We sincerely mean it when we say that it is an honor to tour all of your designs! There is only ever one winner, but we hope that all of you feel the love and appreciation we have for what you have built. Watch the forum and any of our social media platforms for when the next competition will happen. Maybe the next winner will be YOU!
May the Force Be With You!
The SWG:Legends Team

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