SWG Legends news // *Mischief Under The Moon*

Trick or Treat Legends,
The Galactic Moon Festival is in full swing. The nights are filled with ghouls and ghosts, the sounds of laughs and screams in the distance of all the cities observing our tradition of terror. Many seasons it’s been now that Z’ozpheratu, the great organizer of The Galactic Moon Festival has done the mighty Jabba’s bidding in ensuring the celebrations are always carried out to his liking. This year, Z’ozpheratu wants to try something different. This year, he wants to join the masses as they celebrate this year’s GMF. Through the use of a dark and mysterious power, Z’ozpheratu has learned to detach his consciousness into a ghostly energy separate from his physical body. Through this dark method, Z’ozpheratu hopes to now organize one of the biggest Trick Or Treat gatherings the festival has ever seen as he leads the great many costumed festival goers throughout each city this year in hopes to gain a newfound enjoyment and perspective being a fellow celebrant.
Z’ozpheratu’s spirit will appear in one of the 3 locations celebrating The Galactic Moon Festival this year (Moenia, Mos Eisley, The Dead Forest) in preparation to embark on a terrifying tour around the town, watching as you show him your abilities to scare unsuspecting citizens with your spooky costumes!
At the end of the tour, Z’ozpheratu may give you a sign of his gratification for showing him how much fun a good fright can be. Stay tuned for any in-game area announcements within 200m of Z'ozpheratu in any of the celebrating locations!
Event Type: Social/RP
Event Location: Mos Eisley, Moenia, OR The Dead Forest
Event Date/Time: All throughout the festival (times will be random)
May the moon festival be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team.