SWG Legends news // Empire Day 2022 Arrives!

"Today is Empire Day, celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the galaxy's salvation, when our great Emperor Palpatine ended the Clone Wars and founded our glorious Empire."
―Imperial Holonet anchorman Alton Kastle
Greetings Citizens,
Once again we're here to celebrate the official end of the Clone Wars, the demise of the Jedi, the dissolving of the Republic, and the birth of our Galactic Empire as decreed by Emperor Palpatine in his famous speech given to the Senate many years ago now. Imperials across the galaxy use this time as a rallying cry to fight even harder for restoration of order in the galaxy amidst Galactic Civil War. Members of the Rebel Alliance use this moment to remember the fallen and those who still suffer at the hands of Imperial rule, looking to bring back hope in a broken spirited galaxy. Rebel insurgents continue to resist even during the most challenging of times, such as Remembrance Day.

(above) Emperor Palpatine's Declaration of a New Order.

The streets of Theed (Naboo) and Coronet (Corellia) come alive once more with Empire Day and Remmebrance Day festivities! This is the time of year where you support your faction proudly and dote yourself on the rewards of celebrating your faction! This thread will go over a little of what's in store for Empire Day, but you'll want to log in yourself to see and experience all of it!

You can read the Patch Notes for our Empire Day 2022 Update RIGHT HERE.


Don't fret! Whether you're a little forgetful of the yearly celebrations or it's your first time experiencing this seasonal event in Star Wars Galaxies, we have, come read our Friday Feature that covers Empire Day / Remembrance Day basics so you know exactly what all there is to do over the course of the celebration period!
You can read our Friday Feature on Empire/Remembrance Day RIGHT HERE!


Rejoice Empire Day fanatics! A vast majority of rewards of previous years are yours to claim off of your designated Event Organizers in Theed or Coronet. Don't forget to check Kiepaas - our Token of Gratification reward vendor on Vreni Island where you can find even more seasonally available items such as Charming to the Last, a beautiful portrait of Grand Moff Tarkin that we released last year for Empire Day, which you can once again find available this year! (yes, the painting is still able to be traded!)
Also returning this year for those attending events in-game conducted by our Events Team, you can receive the Empire Day Live Event Medal, an event badge that's ONLY available during the Empire Day season.

Many of the same activities and side quests only able to be done during Empire Day also return (although the badges will be updated for this current year). If you're interested in some of those activities, please feel free to scroll up and read our Friday Feature on Empire Day!


We have lots of new additions to Empire Day that we're happy to share with you and we can't wait for you to log in to discover all of them for yourself! Here's just a few of the exciting goodies you can find throughout the Empire Day celebrations this year!
New Statue Rewards:
Members of the Galactic Empire can visit the Emperor Palpatine Statue in front of Theed palace to acquire our new Painting of Grand Admiral Thrawn. This wonderful piece was created and generously permitted for us to use by the talented Feivelyn. We encourage you to see Feivelyn's wide array of other works on DeviantArt and connect with her other platforms to support their incredible talent! This link will take you to Feivelyn's profile page on DeviantArt.
Members of the Rebel Alliance can visit the Fountain of Master Yoda in Coronet to acquire the Portrait of Padme Amidala as a true token of remembrance to a gone but not forgotten era and legendary figure in the galaxy. A truly memorable piece you don't want to miss out on.
BOTH factions who claim rewards from their respected statue will each acquire our new piece titled The Escape. This amazing piece was created by our friend Blik1976 on DeviantArt and we encourage you all to visit his page and support his work and amazing talents.
Updated Badges:
Badge Collectors, it's that time again! Now is your chance to sweep through and collect this years Empire Day (or Remembrance Day badges if you're Rebel!) prove yourself an asset to your faction!
New seasonal reward from Kiepaas:
And more, including:
- New Wearables
- New Deco


Stay tuned here on the forums, Discord, and across our social media for the next opportunity for contests and giveaways! We have some to announce very soon!
The Galactic Homeshow (Empire Day/Remembrance Day Theme): Our themed edition for the galactic homeshow is arriving in JULY! So consider this a heads up to get the themes together for your houses! Judging for this homeshow will take place toward the END of JULY!


All throughout Empire Day you can expect a wide variety of events, PvP Hype Nights, and plenty of player-run events to be happening in June and part of July! Stay tuned to your Discord announcements and keep an eye out for the latest Discord Event postings!
Don't miss out on the events during Empire Day as you can look to acquire the returning Empire Day Live Event Medal, so if you missed it last year, now is your chance to make an event and get the badge!
Join us for a fun filled fishing event THIS SUNDAY as we soak up the sun on the beaches of Naboo for a day of angling! You can learn more about this fishing in the following link, HERE.
This Empire Day we're doing something big in the City of Restuss. You're invited to relive a moment in time with us. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding this moment in time event where you can learn when it's due to happen and how you can get involved!

Don't forget, you have through July 10th to log in and take part in the seasonal festivities this year. Empire Day ends at 12am PST on July 11th's server reset.
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team