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"Darth Vader! Lay down your weapons! You are surrounded!"
"All I am surrounded by is fear. And dead men."
―Darth Vader responds to a Rebel commando company ordering his surrender.

Attention Legends!
Rebel and Imperial hostilities are picking up at the Weapons Depot on Talus, the Tactical Training Facility on Corellia, and the Weapons Development Facility on Naboo. Special Forces from both sides are being asked to answer the call and head to one of these locations to bring glory to your faction in one of the biggest and widely fought turf wars in the galaxy. To learn more about the PvP GCW Static Bases, read this Friday Feature.

Event Type: PvP
Event Start: Friday, December 4th 10am PST / 12pm CST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT / 5am AEDT (Saturday morning, December 5th for this time zone)
Event End: Sunday, December 6th 10am PST / 12pm CST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT / 5am AEDT (Monday morning, December 7th for this time zone)
Event Location:
  • The Weapons Depot ( /way -4899 -3137 talus )
  • The Tactical Training Facility ( /way 4772 -5233 corellia )
  • The Weapons Development Facility ( /way 936 -1582 naboo )

[If your time zone wasn't covered, please use this time conversion tool and plug in your time to match one of the times above]

That's right, we'll be watching the action all across the GCW Static Bases over the course of a 48 HOUR PERIOD during this 2 day long PvP marathon and all those brave enough to face potential victory/defeat are always encouraged to come fight.
There WILL NOT be Tokens of Gratification issued at this event. The rewards will be glorious fights and a constant flow of GCW points during this time period.
Keep an eye out during this time in game and on this thread because we'll be constantly updating the community as much as possible during this slug-fest to help keep the action going as evenly and consistently as possible. There will be area announcements issued within a 250m radius of the center of each static base updating the status of the action periodically, so if you're wandering where the action is, just be patient and wait for one of these broadcasts, check in on the #pvp channel on discord, or follow us here on this thread.
[Disclaimer: Since we are flesh and blood, we can't guarantee us watching the full 48 hours of this event, but we'll certainly do our best when we aren't sleeping!]

As mentioned above, we'll be doing our very best to follow all the action. Whether it's fights across all 3 of the static bases or one glorious skirmish at a single base, we want you guys to show us the fights and we can't wait to see the GCW points flow and static bases flip.
REMINDER: We have a very helpful and knowledgeable PvP community that's always ready to help or give you advice. Are you looking to connect with your faction more? We can't stress enough that you visit the #pvp-channel on the SWG:Legends Discord and check the pinned messages there for links to various guides and links to the unofficial Imperial and Rebel discords.

The pinned messages in the #pvp-channel on SWG:Legends Discord (pictured above)

May the good fights be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team