SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - A New Cybernetic You!*

Happy Friday Legends!
Have you ever looked at your character's arms and thought "Man, I wish I had robot limbs"? Well, incredibly fitting anonymous thought, you just so happen to be in luck! Mechanical enhancement is just within your temporarily fleshy fingertips!

How to Get

Before you can install any cybernetics onto yourself, you must first acquire them, as it's pretty tough to install something that isn't there! Cybernetics can be acquired through a variety of sources, including loot, collections, quest rewards, and most commonly, your neighborhood droid engineer trader! You can find a list of which quests offer cybernetics rewards by following this link to our wiki!

What do they offer?

If becoming the droid of your dreams is not enough to entice you to check out this modification, perhaps you'll be interested to know that certain cybernetics offer special abilities! Generally those rewarded as quest rewards also come with a bonus function. For example, defeating the four droid N-K "Necrosis" of Kashyyyk will grant you a right cybernetic arm with a hidden ability to allow you to deliver a powerful electrical burst to an opponent!

They can up your power as well!

If you're less combat inclined, traders have access to the Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm, which offers luck and reverse engineering stats! Details on how to acquire that can be found in a previous Friday Feature, Acquiring Your Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm.

How do I install them onto myself?

Dear adventurer, it is time to become one with the machine! Only specially trained individuals may install cybernetics onto you, and there are 3 found within the galaxy that are willing to do so! Head to the second floor of the Med Center in Mos Entha, Tatooine (1296 3289), Coronet, Corellia (-116 -4440), or to Theed, Naboo (-4997 4145). You'll need to unequip all items (including appearance items!) from the slot/slots you are replacing with cybernetics, as it's pretty hard to surgically remove a limb with armor in the way! Once you are set, there is a 5000 credit fee to install the piece. Once paid, congratulations, you now have your very own cybernetic enhancement!

The helpful fellow found on Tatooine!

Say you really want a set of cybernetic legs, but you're not wanting to give up the benefits of your armor: you're in luck! The Cybernetics specialists also offer the ability to have the cybernetics in your appearance slot! Don't question how it works, it's secrets of the trade!
If in the end you no longer wish to be the metal you, simply speak with any of the specialists, and for a fee they will remove your cybernetics, leaving you with your own flesh and blood again!

We hope this topic opened up another avenue for you to explore the galaxy! Let us know if you'd like to see anything new and exiting with cybernetics in Omega!

A celebrating cyborg!

May the Force be with you, always,
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