SWG Legends news // *The Galactic Civil Showdown*

Attention Soldiers!
This is a Call to Arms! This Saturday, July 9th, we will be overseeing special operations that will ensure a foothold in the Galactic Civil War. We will be overseeing 3 separate flashpoints to see which side stands with more might.
Bring your guilds, bring your friends, go special forces and fight for your faction! It's a PVP event to declare the WINNING FACTION of Remembrance Day/Empire Day! The winning faction will have this memorialized by having a fixture planted publicly for all to see, declaring their faction objectively beat the other, and will be able to gloat about it all year!
When: Saturday, July 9th
Starting at the above marked time, the 3 flashpoints following will be watched, with the winning faction of 2/3 being the victors of Empire day/Remembrance Day!
Will you claim victory for your faction, or be superseded in combat? Bring reinforcements, you'll need them!
May the Fight be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team