SWG Legends news // Player City Citizenship & Maintenance Changes Update
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Greetings Legends!

Back in December 2018 we gave notice of our intention to increase the citizenship requirements and maintenance costs of player cities on the sever, as part of a wider change to the player city system we have planned for 2019. The original figures proposed were the cause of much debate within the community and we said we would go back and review them before proceeding with the changes - we also asked the new Senate to take a look and give their opinion.

Based on the combined feedback of the community and a recent review by the Senate, we have finalised the new player city citizenship requirements for each rank as follow:

Citizenship Requirements:

  • Rank 1 = 2 Accounts / 7 Characters
  • Rank 2 = 3 Accounts / 14 Characters
  • Rank 3 = 5 Accounts / 22 Characters
  • Rank 4 = 7 Accounts / 35 Characters
  • Rank 5 = 10 Accounts / 50 Characters

We also revisited the revised player city maintenance numbers and settled on the following:

Maintenance Requirements (all values are per week):

  • City Hall - 40,000 credits* ran
    • Rank 1 - 40,000 credits
    • Rank 2 - 80,000 credits
    • Rank 3 - 120,000 credits
    • Rank 4 - 160,000 credits
    • Rank 5 - 200,000 credits
  • Shuttleport - 35,000 credits
  • Bank / Terminal / Decoration - 1,000 credits
  • Small Garden / Garage - 3,500 credits
  • Medium Garden / Cloner - 8,500 credits
  • Large Garden - 15,000 credits

Lastly, in order to assist mayors with the increase in maintenance fees, we have increased the maximum values for the 5 player city taxes available:

Tax Increases:

  • Income Tax Maximum Rate increased to 25,000 credits
  • Property Tax Maximum Rate increased to 60%
  • Sales Tax Maximum Rate increased to 25%
  • Travel Tax Maximum Rate increased to 750 credits
  • Garage Tax Maximum Rate increased to 35%

These changes we hope will add some complexity to the player city system, and encourage players to work together more to create and sustain their player communities. The increased maintenance figures will also help cities with low or no activity to deteriorate faster as a city with no maintenance will eventually be destroyed - this in combination with the 90 day citizen inactivity rule we hope will see cities that fall into disuse disappearing from the landscape as quickly as possible and freeing up those all important rank slots.

Later in the year we will be releasing more details of the next part of the player city update which will include our new player city specialisation system, player city collections and rank-specific city bonuses that further enhance player cities with new features and abilities to ensure they remain the centre of any player community here on SWG Legends!

These changes will go Live with the April 2019 Game Update on or around the 29th March 2019!