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Greetings Legends,
A mysterious lovelorn figure who has been observing many of the Love Festival celebrations from a distance has finally worked up enough courage to attempt to share the love by finally connecting with celebrants and in turn, hopefully find friendship and acceptance. The secret admirer has a big heart and simply wishes to find somebody who they can share it with!
Throughout the entirety of Ewok Festival of Love, this mysterious figure will make sudden appearances all across the galaxy in random places. Please remember to be kind and welcoming to this figure. Doing so will reward one of you (or maybe some of you) with a few lovingly lavish tokens of this admirer’s gratification, not to mention you’ll be no doubt left with a very big heart!
Event Type: Social
Event Time: [This event is a random occurring one; the admirer will show up for roughly 5 minutes]
Event Date: Anytime during Ewok Festival of Love
May the force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team