SWG Legends news // *Friday Feature - Exploring SWG:Legends on Instagram*

Happy Friday, Legends!
It's that special day of the week yet again! Are you ready for another Friday Feature? We sure are!
This week we take a look at Social Media. In particular, the SWG:Legends Instagram (which you can get to by clicking here).
Following the project on Instagram (like many of the other platforms) guarantees you the latest news and at times, advanced notice for upcoming updates, important announcements, awesome giveaways, sneak peaks/previews, and much more!

It's a new age

SWG:Legends has come quite a way over the past 5+ years, but SWG in general has come even farther, all the way back from 2003 (18 years as of this past June!) when the game released. The world is a whole lot different than it was 18 years ago, but despite time and despite its controversial history, SWG persists. It's not easy, but SWG has had to really adapt to the times, to this new age we're in. As with our other platforms, we set out to bring the spotlight to the project through what's current and what's relevant to the time we're in. We set out in the middle of 2019 to start the journey of cultivating a following across Instagram and it came with a few speed bumps along the way, but since mid 2020 we've ramped up our efforts to make the community grow on the platform and it's become another great place to comment, engage, and share our experiences playing Star Wars Galaxies!

Everything and more!

The action is on Instagram! Announcements, game updates / hotfixes, Friday features, spotlights, in-game events, and so much more are right there on the gram. Stay connected with the project and stay connected with the community. Ask us your questions, request help, share your screenshots and tag us! The SWG:Legends team is at the ready on social media to provide whatever support we can!

What's the latest?

Catch the details of our latest posts by simply clicking the images listed and learning more. You can also find a handy link in our profile bio that takes you to our project Linktree where you can navigate from Instagram straight to our forums or whatever wondrous destinations we take you to! Below is just one of our latest posts informing all of you of some worth mentioning news:

(Pictured above: SWG:Legends Linktree.)


One always fun aspect of our Instagram (and our social media as a whole) are the many awesome GIVEAWAYS we do. Items vary between in-game items such as Tokens of Gratification or actual REAL LIFE items! Follow us on Instagram and don't miss the next giveaway! Make sure to let your fellow Star Wars fans/friends/family know they can follow us too!
As a matter of fact, there's actually a small giveaway happening RIGHT NOW on Instagram and we could use your help. We're very close to reaching the 800 follower milestone and to celebrate, we're handing out a few SWG:Legends stickers to random followers who help us reach the 800 mark! If you want the chance for a free sticker, make sure you head over to our Instagram right away and give us a follow!

(Pictured above: an SWG:Legends sticker)

Follow us on any of our platforms!

Sometimes you can't be connected enough! If you're really wanting to plug yourself into the Legends project, you can follow us on any of our other official social media platforms. You can find all of those linked within the following thread here

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn a little bit about the project on Instagram. We're still at an early stage of our journey through Instagram and we can't wait to see this platform's growth over the coming years with your help!
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team

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