SWG Legends news // *An Outbreak Resurgent*

Greetings Legends,
While we’ve been kicking off the Moon Festival celebrations, reports have been pouring in about random crash landings on several planets across the galaxy. Further investigation has so far shown these crash sites to be empty. The only thing found in the wreckage though unfortunately were small traces of the mysterious Black Wing Virus, along with scattered boot prints and drag marks heading towards the nearest signs of civilization. Moon Festival goers are urged to be wary of pending warnings regarding signs of Black Wing infection being brought upon the populace. Be ready to fight back against this outbreak!
  • These are PvE events.
  • The location and time will be completely random.
  • Cities you may expect trouble to happen include: Coronet (Corellia), Theed (Naboo), Nashal (Talus), Narmle (Rori) and Mos Entha (Tatooine).
  • Stay tuned all throughout the duration of Galactic Moon Festival for in game announcements regarding signs of any infected in the areas.
  • Upon purging all signs of blackwing infection in any of the mentioned cities, thankful citizens will show you their appreciation with 1 Token Of Gratification for your efforts.

May the force be with you,
SWG:Legends Staff