SWG Legends news // Elections for the SEVENTH Galactic Senate - Nominations & Timetable
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Greetings Legends!

It is that time of the year again when we invite the Legends Community to put forward candidates for election to the next Galactic Senate, to take office from the 1st September after the current Senate leaves office on the 31st August.

Being part of the Galactic Senate programme is a both an honour and a responsibility - as a serving senator you will be the bridge between the Project Staff and the Legends Community and it will be your responsibility to represent the views and opinions of the community at all times.

The timetable for the elections to the Seventh Galactic Senate is as follows:

  • Saturday 27th July - Nominations Open
  • Friday 9th August - Nominations Close
  • Saturday 10th August - 6th Galactic Senate Statistics Released
  • Sunday 11th August - Staff Review of Candidates & announcement of Candidates
  • Monday 12th August - Voting Opens & Campaigning begins
  • Sunday 25th August - Voting Closes and Campaigning ends
  • Monday 26th August - Votes are validated by Customer Service Team
  • Thursday 29th August - Senate Forums are archived and reset for next Senate
  • Friday 30th August - Election Results are announced
  • Saturday 31st August - 6th Galactic Senate leaves office
  • Sunday 1st September - 7th Galactic Senate takes office
  • Saturday 7th September - 1st meeting of the 7th Galactic Senate

Previously, we have capped the number of terms a senator can do to three - starting with this election we are removing the term limits and allowing any senator who has reached their term limit to run again for re-election - it is now up to each individual senator to decide for themselves when they wish to stand down.

As a serving Senator you will have the opportunity to help shape the future of the Project and champion those important player issues that the Legends Community want championed!

If you would like to nominate yourself, or another player (with their permissions), to be a candidate in the election for the Seventh Galactic Senate, please post your nomination in the following thread, being careful to follow the instructions provided: Nominations Thread For the Seventh Galactic Senate

If you would like to know more about the Galactic Senate Programme in general, please take a look at the following thread Overview of the Galactic Senate Programme