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Happy Friday Legends!
For this week's Friday feature, we're talking about the trademark weapon of the Jedi and the Sith, the lightsaber! Specifically we are going to be discussing how to make your saber the best it can be! Every Jedi should have a aspiration to craft a lightsaber of their own, as it will offer the more damage than a traditional melee weapon to the Jedi. Like every step of creating a Jedi, this will require more effort than just buying some armor or just grabbing the best one off the bazaar, as the only one who can make your lightsaber is you!
As a note for the reader: This article assumes that you have acquired the ability to build a fifth generation lightsaber, as well as have completed your collections. Unsure what that means, or need a little help getting there? Check out our Friday Feature on Jedi Collections HERE!
Further note, for the sake of this article all instances of speaking about a lightsaber will cover 1 handed, 2 handed, as well as polearms, as the difference between is purely aesthetic.

Before the Build

Much like any process, you want to make sure you have everything you need before you get started. In order to craft the best lightsaber you can, you will need resources, tools, buffs, food,a schematic, and even attachments! We will briefly touch on each here!
- RESOURCES: As with any item that is crafted with stats, the better materials you use to craft it, the better the item will be! If you don't have any resources stocked yourself, check out the bazaar! Many community members sell backpacks containing every resource you will need for your craft at a high quality. NOTE: This is where what kind of saber you are crafting is important! Each requires a different amount of resources to one another!

Resource packs often include crafting tools, food, and other helpful items!

- TOOLS: You will need a lightsaber crafting tool to facilitate the craft. You can make one yourself using quality resources, or you can purchase one on the bazaar. You are looking for a tool that offers 15 tool effectiveness, for maximum impact.

The 15 stat you are looking for is listed here!

- ATTACHMENTS: Crafters can make exotic attachments specifically for your crafting needs! You can buy just the attachment offering lightsaber assembly and experimentation, or an article that already has the attachment applied. Remember you can have an exotic in your chest armor, shirt, and weapon. Make sure you have all 3 for the best craft you can make!

These are the stats you are looking for!

- JEWELRY: A Jedi Knight Meditation Bracelet offers additional crafting stats, they can be looted from treasure maps, or bought from a fellow player on the bazaar.
- FOOD: There are two specific foodstuffs that can help you in your craft: Pyollian Cake (to be eaten during the assembly portion of your craft) and Bespin Port(To be drunk during the experimentation portion of your craft). They add bonuses to the relevant portion they are consumed in. These can be purchased from a trusted trader and chef!

Don't you ever wish eating cakes made you better at things?

- BUFFS: You will need buffs from a few main sources: entertainers, meditation, and your two piece set. Entertainers are able to provide you with an assembly and amazing success buff, allowing for even higher chances of success, so be sure to stop by your local cantina! You also should have your Belt of Bodo Baas equipped with a set of robes to ensure you have the "Gift of the Krevaaki" buff active, as that will also give you additional lightsaber assembly and experimentation skill. Lastly make sure you have any of your meditation buffs going (past, present, or future). They all give the same bonus to crafting, but that bonus is needed!
- SCHEMATIC: Ensure you have access to the 5th generation sabers! There are also a few lootable lightsaber schematics as well, such as the Juyo Saberstaff and the Marauder lightsaber. Make sure you have them consumed and ready to build!

Where to Craft?

For the best benefits to crafting your lightsaber, you will need to be in a specific location as well! You will want to find yourself sitting within range of a Weapon, Droid, and General crafting station (with a +45 bonus!), and you will want to be in a player city focusing in "Research Center" for additional experimentation bonuses!

Once you have gathered all above and found a spot, you're ready to craft! Break out the crafting tool, buff up, and create your lightsaber!
We hope that this little guide has helped you understand everything you need to make the best saber you can make.
May the Force be with you, always!
SWG:Legends Staff

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