SWG Legends news // October 2022 Galactic Homeshow Winner!

Greetings Legends,
The Galactic Moon Festival is fraught with peril and fear, but it brings terrifyingly good news as well! Such as the October 2022 Galactic Homeshow! The bell has tolled and the contest is now complete! There were 14 entrants who put forth their homages to the spookiest event of the year! Our judges have survived the experience and kept their sanity long enough to determine the one that stood out as the one most deserving to be crowned the winner!
Congratulations go out to @Icemankidd for being named the winner with Abreshi's Obsidian Hall! After placing just a foot inside, it was evident that this was not a place for the feint of heart! Nor was the underground arena a place for the weak of body! Presided over by an undead upon the a throne, the many gravemarkers in the side room speak of those who did not survive the experience. From start to finish, this house was a tribute to the Galactic Moon Festival and deserving of the ultimate victory!
Icemankidd - be sure to reach out to a member of the Event Staff (Vincer, Muhen, Cristina or Walmahrt) to claim your prizes!

Before the end of the Galactic Moon Festival, you should certainly steel your nerves and visit the winner. You'll find it at /wp tatooine 3564 -7140. But even after the festival is long gone and we turn our sights to the next big event, you can always to the pictures below as a reminder of what this latest Moon Festival has delivered by way of the winning entry.

If you would like to see all of the entries from this latest contest, check out the submission thread found RIGHT HERE!
We would like to thank all of our entrants! While you may not have won, we encourage you to submit again. There can only be one winner each month and maybe next time it will be you! Watch the forum and any of our social medial platforms for details on our next competition.
May the Force Be With You!
The SWG:Legends Team

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