SWG Legends news // *A Soldier of Fortune (Forum Contest & Giveaway!)*

Greetings Legends,
Empire Day is here and Remembrance Day celebrations are echoing across the galaxy again this year. For this celebration, we wanted to give YOU the chance to tell us about your service to your cause and share some of what makes your characters special to the faction they represent!
Imperial and Rebel intelligence are compiling the dossiers of various citizens in the galaxy to deem just who is A Soldier of Fortune. Below you, you will find a template which will list a few different information categories for you to fill out and elaborate however much you wish!
Entry Template
(please copy paste the template below and fill in your answers)

Feel free to add more categories with those listed below if it helps flesh out your character more!

Character Name:
Known Aliases:
Character Species:
Planet of Birth:
Known Military Allegiance:
Military Rank (if applicable):
Service Background:
Known Criminal Record (if applicable):
Player Association:
Other Known Organizations:
Known Accomplices:
Weapon of Choice:
Rumored Ship Type (If applicable):
Rumored Ship Name (if applicable):
Additional Background Info:
Other information:

Let’s run down the overview of this forum contest:
Entering the contest:
  • Entries must be submitted via comment on this thread (you may include up to 5 screenshots)
  • You are allowed to enter ONE of your characters on your account.
  • Characters can be Imperial, Rebel, or Neutral
  • Use the template (listed above) as a guide and fill in applicable categories (feel free to add more categories if needed!).
  • Entries will be accepted up to Tuesday, July 6th

Judging the contest:
  • Entries will be read and judged by our Events Team.
  • Be creative with your entries and plenty of support towards your faction!
  • The number of entries selected as our favorites will depend on the number of entries we have to read by the entry deadline (Tuesday, July 6th)

Contest Rewards:
  • Our favorite entries will be eligible for 3 Tokens of Gratification and the following badges:
    Accolade: Fascinating Background, Empire Day Live Event Medal.
  • Rewards are limited to only the character you've entered; badges will not be issued to all of your characters.

Giveaway Rewards:
  • The very best Rebel and Imperial entries will be eligible for a special real life “badge” of sorts.
  • We have THREE real life mystery rewards available as a GRAND PRIZE (on top of the tokens and badges)
  • Our very favorite entry between the two factions will have the option of claiming TWO of the THREE rewards with our runner-up entry claiming the last mystery reward.

Judging End Date:
  • We will announce our favorites as well as the grand prize winners by Saturday, July 10th within this forum thread. (As well as reveal our mystery rewards)

We can’t wait to see all of the creative backgrounds come in!
May the Force be with you,
The SWG:Legends Team.
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