SWG Legends news // *SWG:Legends: Staff Spotlight - Kelkel*

Staff Handle Name?
What is your position on the Legends Staff?
CSR Team
What do you do for the project SWG Legends?
I originally came to the CSR Team to assist and help players, either by answering questions, sharing ins and outs about the game itself or fixing issues, this motivation continues. I think I possess a certain skill set in listening and talking with people in general, and I enjoy that part of my responsibilities. Plus, occasionally they let me draw things.
How did you come to possess these skills, education or self taught?
I played on Live just after PreCu until that sad day came. I have been on Legends since 2016, and in my journey, I hope I have learned tons of useful/useless info that I can pass on to others. My RL profession helps me put on my “therapy hat” to listen to player concerns when needed.
Describe your typical day supporting Legends.
Typically, I start by checking my DM’s and the help desk. I then take a peek at activations to see if there are any pending new players requesting to join us. I try to do this several times a day and often while I'm online. There are always tickets to investigate and answer, as well as some other duties as staff. I read over and monitor Discord channels and assist players and the team as I can.
What do you think your greatest contribution has been to Legends?
I think people in the game and on staff know they can come to me and I will help however I can. I ask questions alot and if I don't know the answer, I will try to find out. But, I think I am the most proud and grateful for the opportunity to have my art in the game, for me, that will always be super special.
What would the other staff at Legends say to this; “Describe Kelkel.”
I think the team knows I genuinely care about the project, players and I am passionate about any and all things Star Wars. I am sure they get tired of my “hey can we do this?.. that?.. or what if we added..?” They would likely say I can't spell and my grammar is awful, but I am blessed, as they tolerate all my faults.
What they actually said:
"Kelkel has been with us for about 2.5 years now, and WOW has it been great to watch her learn and grow into her role. She is always one of the first to volunteer for the "not so fun tasks", and she is ALWAYS ready and available to help both members of the community and staff. She is a staple in the #csr-helpdesk channel on discord, and she radiates her positivity to all those around her. It has been an absolute pleasure having her on the team!" - Lokee, Project Admin
"Kelkel is arguably one of the most kind and compassionate people I have ever met. She puts an incredible amount of time and effort into her work, and strives to be the best person she can be. She has the drive and desire to help the community. No task is too big or too small for her, whether that be creating entirely new resources for assistance, or helping a player figure out how to set up a macro. She is exactly the type of person that this community needs, and we are incredibly lucky to have her here on the team." - Oroti, CSR Team Lead
"Kel is such a joy to be on staff with. Beyond her extensive knowledge that helps the players, she is a sweet person who brightens up the day wherever she goes. I admire her creativity and am so happy that she's part of Legends!" - Vincer, Events and Social Media
"Kelkel has been an amazing force on the team from the moment she joined. She's always chipper, friendly, willing to lend a hand, and just an overall bright spot on the team. On top of all that, she is down in the trenches, working hard to make sure the server is the absolute best it can be. She's a top rate CSR and a top rate person!" - Muhen, Events and Social Media
"Kelkel is a great CSR and an even better person (even though she IS a dog lover). She truly cares about the game, player base and definitely her fellow staff members. I'm very glad that I get the chance to work with her as a fellow CSR." - MeanKty, CSR Team
What has been the most difficult thing you’ve done supporting Legends?
Some of my duties include giving out “bad news”. While I try to be as fair as I can, and will even fight for the underdog, I sometimes still have to act when our policies are not being followed. That is not an easy thing to do, nor is it fun.
How often do you actually get to play SWG?
Well technically, my med bot in ME starport plays 24/7. But I try to get on line as often as I can, probably daily, even for a short time.
What is your favorite thing to do in game?
I enjoy decorating a lot, I like finding odd things and putting them together to make something different and cool. Plus it gives me some quiet time that I need from my RL day to day stressors. I enjoy playing my medic, and love making and playing with my pets. My other half and I pick on each other in game, (well mostly he picks on me) and it's fun to just be silly sometimes. But mostly, I enjoy spending time with my guild family, whatever road that takes us together.
When did you start playing SWG, and describe that experience?
I actually purchased the game when it was first released, but I didn't have a good enough computer or the internet that would support it. So I was not able to play any of PreCu. After I was able to save for a decent enough computer, I remember finally being able to make my first character on Tarquinas. To be honest, I remember running around Tansari Station for a LONG time (like 6 months.. lol), being afraid to leave and might miss something. When I finally got the nerve to leave, I just did as everyone else did, ran Legacy and mission terms until I met friends, joined a guild and learned to play. Eventually, I had my own city and guild and followed the crowd to Starsider for transfers. We decided it was far too crowded there, so I purchased every PreCu stuffed pet I could find and we left for Flurry. There I stayed, decorating, making pets and running with friends, some I still play with today.
In writing this I realized an odd fun fact. I believe this upcoming Life Day, I will have been playing on Legends, actually longer than I played on Live.

Thank you Kelkel for answering our questions! We hope you've enjoyed learning a bit more about this awesome member of staff!
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